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  1. Is it obsessive to go to my fave restaurant 2 days in a row bc I'm in dothan? Opinions plz lol

  2. I woke up like I'd never slept, with packed sinuses and headache to go with, and joints so stiff I could barely move... But thank goodness I have a Lord that renews me! "I call to God; God will help me. At dusk, dawn & noon I sigh deep sighs- he hears, he rescues." ps 55:16

  3. Everyone in troy needs to go eat lunch or have dessert at milky moos today!!!

  4. Didn't do a single flippin thing today... And it was awesome!

  5. Heavy hearted and praying for Cooper Sasser, Graysie Elizabeth Lee, and Brady Fore. All these sick babies make me soooo sad but I know God will lift them up and heal them!

  6. Is beginning to think a guy stole a stop sign and is playing a big joke on 50 cars by having us sit here in the rd. No sign of const anywhere and no "flagman ahead" sign... Hmmm fishy

  7. Oh, delayed message flashmob commercial... Ur still funny!

  8. Wonders if there's some kind of chemical on her ac filter since the parts were replaced... Have had a headache everytime she gets in her car since it was fixed....

  9. Asking for prayers guys... Please pray for me to know and follow Gods will without hesitation or questions.

  10. I've lost 8lbs in a mth, yay!

  11. Left GI very frustrated... I think that's why I didn't go for 4 yrs... Of course I have celiac (which I knew) but no new info, help, etc beyond that... Sigh, wasted $60

  12. YAY!!! No pancrease or thyroid antibodies!! YAY! Just plain on hypoglycemic/prediabetic which I can totally handle. Praise the Lord!

  13. FB Prayer Warriors- a dear sweet baby boy that is the son of a high school friend of mine has been diagnosed with lymphoma leukemia. Please send up prayers for this family for His healing hand to touch this baby and His comforting hand to surround the family.

  14. Bottom just fell out in troy, guess back to the office I go... This chick does not run around in the rain ;-)