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    gluten-free Cooking (!), Sewing, Gardening, Scrapbooking, Research -- I guess I'm one of those "life-long learners"!!
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    Southern Indiana
  1. still tiredofdoctors!


    Hi Joyce, I agree with Gemini -- your doctor is a moron. Shingles is EXACTLY that -- re-emergence of the herpes virus...
  2. still tiredofdoctors!


    I had the same great effects when I chose to let the derm put my son on Accutane. I didn't realize at the time what...
  3. Welcome to the board. I was originally a member beginning in 2005, and I can tell you that I have encountered some of...
  4. still tiredofdoctors!

    Pet Peeve Regarding The Slaying Of The English Language.

    I just read through this thread, and at this point I am literally laughing out loud! My son calls us "The Grammar Police...
  5. still tiredofdoctors!

    Lyme Disease Lab Question

    I agree with Mtndog. It's a definite read. I DID just post on a thread regarding POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia...
  6. I have had autonomic dysfunction for five years now. I was also diagnosed with celiac five years ago. Two and a half...
  7. still tiredofdoctors!


    I agree with Ravenwood Glass -- sometimes the changes ARE amazing. I think you may find, as time goes on, that you will...
  8. still tiredofdoctors!

    Will I Ever Be Able To Have A Normal Diet?

    I am so sorry that you are going through this. Although awareness of celiac disease in general has increased dramatically...
  9. still tiredofdoctors!

    Gluten Free Poll

    I've lived a gluten-free life for four and a half years. My antibodies are checked fairly frequently, so I'd say it...
  10. still tiredofdoctors!

    It's Just A Marketing Fad, Just Like Atkins!?

    Just before I got online, I heard my mother talking with my daughter. She is going BACK to the GI doctor. She has been...
  11. still tiredofdoctors!

    It's Just A Marketing Fad, Just Like Atkins!?

    Kristi -- Thanks for the information! You are the FIRST person who has actually informed me about that. The primary...
  12. In retrospect, it is hysterically funny that I DID say that to my veterinarian! At the time, though, I was so frustrated...
  13. still tiredofdoctors!

    Dr. Kenneth Fine (enterolab)

    I had debated as to whether I was going to post this, but as a lot of people know -- I can't control my impulsive fingers...
  14. I was doing some research re: gluten-free hair-care products. I found an ingredient I didn't recognize, researched it...