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About Me

To abbreviate things: I started having symptoms, enterolab said IgA of 24, went gluten free for 8 months, improved slightly, colonoscopy/endoscopy/every other test you can imagine came back negative, took antibiotic for SIBO and improved marginally, Celiac gene test came back negative and standard GI put me back on wheat. After a couple months I still feel the same. "IBS confirmed."


Next up will be a gluten/dairy/grain free alkaline diet, as well as dealing with bacterial dysbiosis, yeast and overall body pollution.

Health aside I'm 19, I just finished my freshman year of college and am finding myself moving in a direction I never would have seen before, making appointments with alternative doctors and reading about techniques and theories I previously would have condemned as witch doctors and the snake oil they peddle. Funny how you can have so much faith in western medicine, and SO much skepticism for everything else until you've been prescribed a bunch of pills and stress relieving strategies...

I play frisbee, I listen to Atmosphere, I lift weights. Rinse, repeat.

  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. hey, I noticed that you had SIBO, was it successfully treated with a course of ant-biotics? I have just started tx with Cipro for SIBO. I hear that it is cyclical and very hard to get rid of. Have you tested negative now for SIBO or are you still dealing with this? Thanx Donna

  3. You know, I never thought it was very serious. What does having shortened tendons mean? Would fixing the problem make me faster, or allow me to jump higher? Oh no, I'm not offended or anything. To tell you the truth I've always wondered if something could be not quite right; before I...
  4. My goodness, I hope I don't have Autism or another learning disability. So it is possible then that my toe-walking could be linked to the digestive damage caused by gluten-intolerance? And to the first response, I've never been tested for any muscle problems, but I do play sports and I haven...
  5. Hey everybody, I've been walking on my tip-toes my entire life. All the time when barefoot, and then a little heel-to-toe action in shoes, but always more towards the toe side. I recently read a post from a few years ago on an un-gluten related forum where someone mentioned that digestive issues...