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  1. is busy at work :)

  2. I will be looking into this for myself soon too! I had been corresponding with someone who suffers in the same fashion. I am hoping it's ear related (due to a history of severe/chronic ear infections).
  3. I've not seen anything similar, sorry...perhaps since the first post has a recipe, maybe you can talk someone else into making them for ya...I donno, just thought it funny that you clearly stated no recipes...and the first one was exactly that.
  4. I play flute/piccolo. However the last time I picked it up I had no idea I had a problem with gluten/wheat intolerance. I figured I'd pipe up since it's always nice knowing who played woodwinds. Yay for woodwinds
  5. Are you targeting a younger crowd or any age group? Or just for the general population, young and old? I. I agree with the last poster who says that a list of suppliers who make wheat/gluten free products or a supplier who makes ONLY wheat and gluten free products. Including affordable supplements...