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  1. I haven't posted in a very very long time. I was dx with Celiac May 2009. Moderate soy intolerance, but no other issues with other allergens that I know of. Haven't been tested for other sensitivities. I started LO on solids a little...
  2. So there's nothing in the genetic test that waves a red flag saying "HEY you have Celiac!"? I have been completely mislead then. Wow...so why wasn't I told this? I honestly haven't ever read it either. OMG. I'm sort of shocked right now...
  3. My question is what is wrong with drawing blood and doing a genetic test? Why are docs SO adamant about doing a biopsy? Why go the invasive route? From my research, a genetic test is 100% accurate. And happened to be the only way I got a...
  4. Swimmr

    Password Issues

    Third time is the charm...got it
  5. Swimmr

    Password Issues

    No, because I got the initial confirmation just fine that supplied to link to celiac.com for the final stage of resetting the email. I click on the link and then it tells me that an email has been sent with my "new" password. And still nothing...
  6. Hi, I am already a member and don't prefer to start a new profile since I've been a member under another name for years now. I am Swimmr. I haven't visited in a while and needed to log in and the password I thought was under my account...
  7. 1. I am on valtrex, however have been scared to take it even though it's safe. Haven't had any since her birth date (11-7). But I am taking a prenatal still, which I was taking 8 months prior to conception for the vitamin D content. I take...
  8. Thank you and thank you Yeah I wasn't gluten free till 2007, also 25 years as yourself. My elimination diet revealed that I most def have an issue with soy. Green peas not so much anymore and corn was an issue, but not anymore. So soy...
  9. I'm exclusively gluten free...all derivatives, everything. I have always followed cc issues carefully and do not subject myself to them down to the toaster and baking racks in the oven. I don't not think it can't be anywhere. My coworkers...
  10. Hi all...it's been QUITE a long time since I've posted. But I have been lurking here and there. My elimination diet was successful by the way. So in that amount of time that I've been MIA, I managed to get myself pregnant and hubby got...
  11. I can't successfully communicate with my local Mi Casita restaurant in regards to their white cheese queso. I have searched and searched for information on this and come up empty. I want to know if anyone can either find out or if anyone...
  12. What can I use in place of nutella?? It contains soy lecithin and I have a slight intolerance to anything using soybean oil or lecithin.
  13. So I was thinking that I'd started a thread one day being extremely frustrated about an all purpose gluten free flour to use with EVERYthing instead of using crazy mixtures. My mother is the experimental one. I'm too impatient and hate failing...
  14. I know sometimes its easier using the separate flours for a good blend, but find it way easier to buy it already mixed. And when it's labeled, "Perfect Flour Blend" you expect to use it as a sub for any gluten free flour blend that a recipe...
  15. Oh yeah definitely. I've done all sorts of cool things with the cake mixes by namaste. I was just rambling, really. Complaining I had a rough morning with failed pancake mix...