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  1. lisa25

    Gluten Alert I Baby Cereal

    Thanks for the info. I was just thinking today that I have felt CC'ed lately and I think it is from testing my daughter...
  2. lisa25

    Homemade Marshmellow Recipe

    I haven't tried making marshmallows yet, but wanted to add that I did find a corn-free powdered sugar at Whole Foods...
  3. lisa25

    Totally Corn Free Now

    I have been corn free for about 9 months. My main symptoms from corn are immediate stomach bloating and delayed mental...
  4. lisa25

    Two Ingredients?!

    Colgin brand liquid smoke flavoring says it is gluten free on their website. I think this is the brand my dad used one...
  5. lisa25

    Do You Also Avoid Soybean Products?

    My soy reaction is just as bad as a gluten reaction. No soy oil or soy lecithin for me. I also have to watch for products...
  6. I still didn't feel good at 6 months because I had other food sensitivites that I had not discovered yet. I felt different...
  7. lisa25

    Poll: gluten-free Diet - Easy Or Hard

    It has been almost three years for me. I voted that it was relatively easy to do, just not always the most fun emotionally...
  8. I have tried Ener-G egg replacer...until I found out from the company that it contained corn. I now use ground flax...
  9. lisa25

    gluten-free Tortillas!

    I like making homemade tortillas too and absolutely love love love my tortilla press that presses out the tortillas and...
  10. I make bread that is free of gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and corn...I use coconut milk, but if that is a problem for your...
  11. You might be interested in checking out http://www.glutenfreesourdough.blogspot.com/
  12. I got positive test results for reactive hypoglycemia in June. I would highly recommend getting at least a 5-hour glucose...
  13. lisa25

    Odd Side Effects

    Did you replace the dairy with a substitute, like soy? When I did a trial dairy free diet I ate soy cheese, soy ice...
  14. I don't know about the study, but my body doesn't like corn
  15. lisa25

    Gluten-Free Wedding Menu Ideas?

    The food at our wedding was all gluten free (and dairy free, soy free). I didn't want to take any chances and be sick...