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  1. I looked again today and the NOW GR-8 dophilus doesn't have soy...don't know what I was thinking, must have gotten confused with something else I looked up. It doesn't say it doesn't contain dairy, but none of the ingredients look like dairy. Maybe it will work.
  2. After reading about the Enterococcus Faecalis bacteria in the Threelac probiotics, I don't think I am going to try it. It sounds too scary! I am still deciding what to try. Maybe the Theralac, but not sure if the ingredient that comes from milk would make me react...dairy gives me sinus and ear...
  3. Has anyone tried Threelac probiotics made by Global Health Trax for controlling candida? It says it is gluten free on the website and there a quite a few testimonials from people who have said it is the best product on the market, but I am always skeptical about stuff you order online. I remember...