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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. When first diagnosed with Celiac disease, I also found I had leaky gut syndrome (caused by the celiac). Consequently, my allergy list was (and still is) huge - potato, corn, rice, egg, dairy, grape, apple (pectin), beef (gelatin), etc. 75 foods and food additives! Talk about frustrating! All the pancake recipes and flour blends I found used pototo or rice flour and I wanted a low carb diet, not a no carb one. The chickpea and sorghum flour based recipes just didn't taste right. This one does! This has become a staple for me and I just felt I needed to share it. Enjoy! Hearty Whole Grain Allergen Free Pancakes Makes 3-4 pancakes Sift together:
  3. Yoekie, I haven't logged in for a long time, but your post caught my eye because I'm also trying to figure out how long it takes to heal up from leaky gut. I am highly allergic to gliadin, one of the proteins that makes up gluten, and this allergy created the my leaky gut condition. LG led to multiple food allergies because of the large particles of food and other substances that got into my bloodstream. My body's symptom of choice is post nasal drip, congestion, and coughing - a histimine response. I was so frustrated I finally had a blood test done for food allergies - and came up with 74 food and food additives that I'm reactive to, and a few other chemicals besides. Well worth the money to know what to avoid. It's not easy, but I would highly recommend getting a food allergy test done - not a skin scratch test, but a blood test. There's probably a naturpath in your area that can help you do that. That should help your symptoms, and but be aware of the the hidden ingredients of supplements! Cross contamination of supposedly gluten free grains, proteins that are similar enough to gluten that I have an allergy response ( I call them gluten mimics), pectin from apples, gelatin from beef, cream of tartar from grapes, etc., but I'm told that if I stay away from all of these substances for 3-12 mos my body should be able to tolerate those items again - and I'm taking aloe vera juice nightly to help heal the leaky gut so the allergies don't re-develop. Hope you're feeling better!
  4. I just phoned Fish Brewing Company in Olympia Washington....They make two fantastic ciders under the Spire's Label: An apple hard cider and a pear hard cider. Both are wonderful - smooth and flavorful, but not too sweet. I have yet to try their Dark & Dry.... The rep said that their ciders had been tested by the University of Neb and are all gluten free. YEAH! http://www.fishbrewing.com/ciders.html Cheers!
  5. Is All Wine Gluten Free?

    I've looked at several sites and posts about wines....I'm new to the gluten-free diet and am just starting to figure things out. When I found out that some hard ciders were not gluten free, I decided to check out the wines too.... Nea, I really appreciated your post - especially the info about the barley, barrels and such. Consequently I emailed Carlo Rossi, inc...they just happened to be the makers of the wine in my current wine box . Their response is posted below. Because of the above posts, the letter from Carlo Rossi, and that Yellow Tail is an Australian wine brand, I've come to the conclusion that US wines are most likely gluten free, but imported varietals may not be worth the risk. The next time I visit my local wineries I'll be certain to ask some detailed questions! Cheers! Here's the email from Carlo Rossi: "Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your interest in Carlo Rossi Winery. In response to your inquiry, all of the wines and champagnes produced by E. & J. Gallo Winery in the United States are in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration
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