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  1. I live in Chicago and the only kind I know of off the top of my head is Lou Malnati's. I had it for the first time on Friday and it was amazing. There is no crust, in its place is sausage. You'll need a fork to eat it, but it was so delicious. You don't even have to special order ahead of time. You can walk right in/call and place your order just like ordering any other pizza. It was the first time in 4 years I felt like I truly had a pizza. I nearly cried.
  2. Thanks. I've been strict with my diet, haven't purposely eaten gluten in months and read every label carefully. There is always the chance for cross contamination, I live in a house with 6 other people and I'm the only Celiac. Though my family is usually good about keeping their gluten foods away from my gluten-free foods. Guess I'll just have to see what the doctor says, it would be nice to not have to add anything to the list of what's "wrong" with me. Samantha
  3. For me, apparently it was headaches. I'd suffered through chronic headaches for 4 years before any kind of stomach problems began. I had every test imaginable and no one could find a cause for the headaches. I also had vertigo, tingling/numbness in my left arm and leg, everything was on my left side-even the headaches. My symptoms were so bad my doctor was afraid I was heading towards a stroke and I was still a teen when it started. I have problems with my eyes, my left eye especially (I'm legally blind in my left eye), so we just figured the headaches have something to do with my eye. I still think my eye is involved, at least to a certain degree, especially since I still get the headaches. Though they are not as frequent since I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Anyway, I began to get stomach aches after I ate. By this past June I was having stomach aches, cramping, bloating, constipation/diarrhea, nausea so bad I didn't want to eat anything. At first I thought it was my lactose intolerance acting up until it didn't stop. I called my doctor in July and he immediately told me to try cutting out gluten and got me tested and he was right. Samantha
  4. Hi, I was diagnosed with celiac disease back in July (on my 20th birthday no less) and am still pretty new to the gluten free world. Anyway, my question is, are fevers common reactions in Celiac disease? Since about September, I've frequently been getting low fevers (generally no higher than 100.5) that usually last just a few days. I'm only getting worried now because I've had a fever for almost 2 weeks. It goes down when I take Tylenol, but comes back within a few hours. I didn't even think to realize how often I've been getting fevers until this last one that won't end. My normal body temperature is lower than normal, between 96-97, so even though my fevers are generally pretty low, they feel worse to me. Anyone else experience something similar? I'm always exhausted with a fever, something I don't need to be with celiac disease and chronic headaches (which my doctor thinks is also celiac disease related) making me tired enough as it is. I usually only get fevers 2-3 times a year with cold/flu. I am going to call my doctor today. thanks Samantha
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