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  1. Hi - in reference to your abdominal pain........I used to get a wierd feeling on my left side low rib cage...felt like there was something sticking out (often in the car I would put my hand there or position my seat belt - made it feel less obtrusive - no pain just felt odd.....my stomach issues started on a trip away....stomach pain, sweating, heart racing...feeling very off...went to emergency and they did blood work (looking for glallblader....no sign)...felt off for remainder of trip....bouts of stomach discomfort - week after iniatial problem, had a night of same thing....stomach ache - ill feeling..etc...lasted from about 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.....after that, I experienced some stomach issue almost daily....ache, gnawing or felt like I had been clenching my stomach muscles all day and they were sore....had a couple episode of diarrhea, once with severe cramping beforehand...but not daily problems with this at all - began experienceing anxiety, breathlessness, etc....spent a lot of time laying on the bed ....had blood work done for thyroid, heart, liver, diabetes, cholesteral, ..etc...all test were fine......was crying all the time....had upper GI done and diagnosed with acid reflux....now take losac everyday..and have tried to eliminate gluten and dairy from my diet......stomach has been pretty good...feeling like a normal person....although if I stray from my diet,,,,I still get stomach issue\anxiety feelings which remind me of how I used to feel everyday....I have no idea if I have a food intolerance or celiac - tend to think just food intolerance since I would think that I would have more serious symptoms if celiac.....hope this helps you..
  2. Hi.....Have a extremely sore throat and picked up some popsicles to sooth it....does anyone know if these are safe to eat on a gluten free diet?
  3. Have posted before regarding confusion about what is actually wrong with me....have acid reflux for sure.....but not sure what else, except I am pretty positive I have an intolerance or allergy to something...anyway diet is pretty much gluten free and on acid reflux pills......feel pretty good - have recently been to naturopath for aid.....questions....today had some dark chocolate (which is normally tolerated) after eating feeling off....breathless, mild tingling, anxiety....just feeling off - checked the label in more detail...wheat, eggs - again, do not think symptoms are severe enough to warrant celiac so maybe intolerance......have been feeling like old self...begin to think you imagined how weird and bad you were feeling before, then you get a little taste of that feeling again and boy do you remember....anyway, has anyone had the pinprick food insensitivities testing that is offered through naturopath? Had some basic stress point testing done and tested high in dairy and wheat areas - Apparently full test is 96 categories, but not sure about realiability? Anyone have any knowledge of this?
  4. Hi Sarah......I know exactly how you feel, I have had these feelings as well....twice last week, I came home from work...felt fine....had dinner....also had about six pieces of licorice....then I am on the couch tired and very cold (almost like getting the flu) the other night it was a couple of handfuls jujubes (I think)....bundle under a blanket and have on and off sleep....after about hour I begin to feel better - other times I feel very weird, lightheaded weak and in general just not feeling well - again after 40-75 minutes....begin to feel better - I am currently trying to figure out what the heck is going on....is it food intolerance, celiac, IBS......doctor thinks IBS, but I am not so sure...very confusing since many of the same symptoms relate to different ailments - do you have any other symptoms like stomach ache\bloating
  5. thanks for the replies.....appreciate the feedback......yes, I think that I will ask her to look into the test in the new year.....when she mentioned it, I said that it would probably test negative, since I have been trying to avoid any gluten if possible, and I read that you have to have gluten in your system - she says no do not have to...that there are antibodies? I keep saying that I am going to go totally gluten free and then I have a little piece of something.....it is usually when I am feeling pretty good and I say to myself "just a little bit will not hurt" yesterday had about six digestive cookies and a very small piece of dessert (with cracker bottom)......this morning I am getting ready, and I have to sit on the couch for a while....feel lightheaded, weak - really notice this feeling in both arms - just plain do not feel good......this feeling subsided after about 50 minutes.....felt better.......tonight body feels off again....very hard to explain how it feels...kind of tingly all over - not achy, but feels very weird and not right........very hard to explain.....my husband probably thinks that I am losing it...and my mother just says...."you must be going through the change" - so I normally just say I am not feeling well if they ask....does anyone else feel like this? Tomorrow - gluten free.....Even if I am totally off track and it is not gluten....what will it hurt.
  6. Had doctors appointment today...reviewed symptoms...noted that Zantac did not seem to be doing the trick.....talked about eating licorice and then feeling chilled and tired, noted hot face, noted occasional cramping and diarrhea, noted issues even though eating bland.....discussed my thoughts that I might have gluten or diary intolerance...doctor felt that I would be having more pain and blood in stools if celiac.......she is leaning towards IBS......I have looked up the symptoms: abdominal pain or discomfort often relieved or associated with bowel movement, chronic diarrhea\constipation, white mucus in stool, bloated abdomen and feeling that you have not finished bowel movement....although I have stomach ache or gnawing, it is not really relieved or related to BM , no mucus and no feeling that I have not finished BM....gave me a script for losec - one pill a day - scheduling an ultrasound for abdomen in new year - check for hernia or gallstones....if I request may do celiac test...but she does not feel this is warranted at this point.....wonders if my body is reacting to the fat rather than the gluten as I suspect......so, I will try the new script and see what happens.....
  7. Again, thanks to everyone for replies....it is nice to get some feedback...when I go to the doctors on Monday, we will discuss the allergy issues and I will definitely start on a totally gluten dairy free plan.....had another question.....anyone get a weird feeling in the middle chest like heart beat is out of whack or rythmn - lasts for about 2 minutes and then goes away...this has happened a few times and it is very disconcerting feeling......also, anyone else get a hot face after eating certain foods.....not flushed..the face does not look red or anything.....just feels very warm for about 30-60 minutes?
  8. thanks to all who have replied to my enquiries....appreciate the time....I too wondered about the stomach issues being acid reflux related....but one time when my stomach was gnawing, I took an Zantac 75 and it seemed to ease it a bit...when I mentioned this to doctor - gave me script and scheduled upper GI testing - and acid reflux confirmed (something my mother and sister have)...I have tried to eliminate as much gluten and dairy as possible, but as noted, I have not completely eliminated from diet...which I plan to do...I have been keeping a diary of food and symptoms, but sometimes can be difficult to nail it down.....what confuses me is the lack of severity of symptoms....I would have thought that the diarrhea would be more severe or I would have more signs.....if I consume gluten or dairy - how so would I expect to have a reaction?
  9. For the last 6 months, have had health issues.....stomach ache or stomach gnawing for couple of months...at the most, went about 8 days without some stomach issue....started to feel like I was going crazy. a few times had cramping and diarrhea (explosive) once had really severe painful cramping before diarrhea...went to doctor...had blood work for thyroid, heart, liver, diabetes, cholesterol and h. polyeria...all came back fine..had an upper GI done and they diagnosed acid reflux....put on Zantac 150 - two pills a day for eight weeks....at the same time, did some internet research on food allergy\intolerances....noted that gluten and dairy are most common...so when started the pills, drastically altered my diet...mainly eating...rice, potatoes, fruit, veg and chicken - occasional steak or centre pork////began to feel like my self again...but still had the occasional stomach issue.....went away for weekend recently had banana for breakfast....stopped at macdonalds...was starving, so had half of a plain hamburger and apple wedges.....about 7:30 that night.....feeling weak, lightheaded very weird......off for the rest of night....next day my face was hot for the whole afternoon,,,,not red, just felt very warm.....rest of weekend just ate plain chicken, veg. potato....stomach gnawing on Sunday - last weekend had a cheese and herb bagel toasted and later had a pudding cup.....couple of hours later had cramp and diarrhea.....now not sure if the diarrhea is caused by the food ingredients or the fact that my diet has been so bland that any new food would have that reaction....have been cheating a little on diet....have had red licorice and ju jubes.....some nights after dinner, I am tired and chilled...need to sit on couch with blanket (also feel bloated after not eating much, but this is probably acid reflux) - I am just wondering if anyone else has felt like this....maybe it is all acid reflux? I just figured if I was taking two pill a day and eating a very bland diet, I should not be having any issues,,,,,any input would be appreciated
  10. In reference to "wondering if my son has celiac disease" - not sure if this helps, but if you rule out celiac, you might want to research other diseases......a few months ago, I was watching a TV series called "Mystery diagnosis", and there was a family on there whose daughter had years of diarrhea - every time they went to the doctor, they were told that it was nothing serious - ex..would grow out of it, etc.....she continued to experience these problems for several years - eventually when their daughter was older, she was diagnosised with a specific disease....unfortunately, cannot remember more details....maybe they have a website - I do not believe the diagnosis was life threatening....just so that you don't worry about that - In many episodes of this program - people can go from doctor to doctor and remain undiagnosed......In a lot of cases, the diseases are rare and many doctors do not have the knowledge of them..........hope it helps you
  11. Thanks for the response....I too wondered about some type of food poisoning after the buffet incident..so maybe those first two spells are unrelated to the symptoms that followed...According to all the internet sites that I have reviewed - you need to consume gluten for a while before the test, or it will definitely test negative.....I am just trying to narrow down my specific problem (with the health care system in such dire straits, I thought it could not hurt to be as informed as possib) and I have done extensive research online dealing with all health issues that relate to stomach problems.....IBS, ulcers, food intolerance, acid reflex (GERDS), and the list goes on......but, the same ones keep coming up in my research....the reasons that I think that it might be a gluten or lactose - I did not have bread for a few weeks and one day I had 3 thin pieces of french bread...and for the rest of the night my stomach was bloated and uncomfortable...went out for lunch another day and had a couple of ff and hot turkey sandwich.....almost immediately had to go to the bathroom and stomach upset for about two hours afterward - ate rice with pieces of chicken and corn for a few weeks...but, had lots of soya sauce on it every time....later learned that soya sauce not good.....I believe that I will eventually get into some type of elimination diet - adding some gluten - like bread a little bit at a time to see the response -
  12. I have been having problems for about 4 months....went on a trip - had a buffet dinner - stepped outside and was immediately hot, heart rate increased, stomach felt weird....laided down for while, but continued to be fevered and stomach achy for couple of hours...went to emergency - EKG and blood - think they were looking for heart and gallbladder...all tests came back fine.....for the remainer of vacation had stomach issues - usually occurred after food consumed...bland eating for about week...one day ate normal...had the same symptoms as initial attack.....fevered and stomach achy for about 6 - 7 hours.....went to regular doctor had blood work done for thyroid, liver, heart, cholestrol, diabetes...all tests came back fine....recently had bloodwork done for stomach bateria and pancreas....came back fine....I have an upper GI x-ray scheduled in a couple of weeks...for the last 3 months longest went without some type of stomach issue was 10 days....symptoms have included....stomach ache...not a sharp pain, but a dull ache....between belly button and boobs....stomach gnawing and tightness in the same area...I ate chili for two days and on the second night got sick to stomach....have had episodes of cramps and diarrhea....once cramps were very sharp other times just mild cramps...lately my face has been feeling hot after eating some things....like a tootsie roll sucker I had today....I was taking pepto, gavison...but nothing seemed to fix - was becoming freaked out, and found myself constantly crying.....and I am not normally a cryer.....about four weeks ago, doctor gave me a prescription for Zantax 150 - two pills a day for 6 weeks....I have been taking these for a month now and have been feeling pretty good,,,,,,unfortunately, I have also modified my diet to be as relatively gluten and lactose free as possible....eating chicken, white rice, baked pototoes, vegetables and fruit,,,,,,two weeks ago, I had one piece of pizza and a yogurt and about 1- 2 hours after eating, got a hot flash and stomach kind of gnawing for about 1- 2 hours - if I have a little piece of dessert also stomach gnawing.....I am thinking that if I have been on two Zantax pills a day, a small piece of pizza should not bother my stomach? After Upper GI x-ray with hook up with doctor....maybe ask her to test for food intolerance? Unfortunately, I have also read that you need to have lots of gluten to test positive.....not sure if I want to put myself through that again....DO these symptoms sound familiar to anyone....any help would be appreciated.
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