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  1. We're trying a gluten-free diet with our daughter to see if it improves her bowel incontinence issues. Can anyone tell me how long we need to stick with the gluten-free diet in order to know if it's working? A week? Longer? Thanks for...
  2. I'm confused about my daughter's green poop, too. I'm glad you brought this up! She's been on a gluten-free diet for a few weeks, and we're still seeing the neon green poop. She recently had a KUB X-Ray and she definitely has stool backed...
  3. Thanks for the quick help. We're brand new to this, and didn't know that oat flour was a no-no! Thanks--I'm learning every day.
  4. Does anyone know if Cap'n Crunch-Crunch Berries is gluten free? It looks to be from the label, but I'm not sure about the "natural flavoring" ingredient. Ingredients: CORN FLOUR, SUGAR, OAT FLOUR, BROWN SUGAR, COCONUT OIL, SALT, SODIUM...
  5. Has anyone used immunotherapy drops as a form of treatment for gluten intolerance?? How about any other homeopathic remedies?
  6. Interesting...she's only four years old. I'll talk to my husband about possibly testing ourselves as well. I was pretty sure that she could be gluten intolerant without being Celiac, but my doctor didn't seem to agree with me. I think...
  7. We very recently discovered that our daughter has an intolerance to gluten. She tested negative for Celiac, however. I have several questions.... First, do I push the issue and have another/different test done? It's possible for her...