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  1. KristenPK

    Gluten-free Diet--trial

    We're trying a gluten-free diet with our daughter to see if it improves her bowel incontinence issues. Can anyone tell...
  2. KristenPK

    Green Poop

    I'm confused about my daughter's green poop, too. I'm glad you brought this up! She's been on a gluten-free diet for...
  3. KristenPK

    Cap'n Crunch Gluten Free?

    Thanks for the quick help. We're brand new to this, and didn't know that oat flour was a no-no! Thanks--I'm learning...
  4. KristenPK

    Cap'n Crunch Gluten Free?

    Does anyone know if Cap'n Crunch-Crunch Berries is gluten free? It looks to be from the label, but I'm not sure about...
  5. Has anyone used immunotherapy drops as a form of treatment for gluten intolerance?? How about any other homeopathic...
  6. KristenPK

    Where Do I Start?

    Interesting...she's only four years old. I'll talk to my husband about possibly testing ourselves as well. I was pretty...
  7. KristenPK

    Where Do I Start?

    We very recently discovered that our daughter has an intolerance to gluten. She tested negative for Celiac, however...