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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am intolerant to: gluten, legumes, dairy, almonds, yeast, nitraties, palm, corn, etc.--see full list below and my husband is intolerant to beans (he can only have sweet onions and low acid tomatoes--others bother him), my youngest is gluten sensitive (does not have celiac disease) and lactose intolerant, my oldest is intolerant to cinnamon, beans, and nitrates. It gets a lot easier, but it takes time. I have a cookbook that has a lot of alternatives and the title (I think or it is close) is the Allergy Cookbook. I am now making my own mayo with canola oil and lemon. I make my own BBQ and spaghetti sauce. Some Chebe mixes are dairy free and they use tapioca starch and no potato stuff (I think, you would have to check). Check out Enjoy Life foods for some quick extras that I definitely don't have time to make or have any success with like cookies. I found a lard without citric acid (often corn derived) that works very well for making pie crusts. I make my own sausage. We don't eat anything commercially canned...we can our own tomatoes and sauce. We cook on weekends and freeze for meals through the week, that way, we don't have to think that hard every night, only once a week and that makes life much easier.
  3. I remembered something else thanks to happygirl. I didn't replace my pans right away (all new a separate now). Forgot and used my old rolling pin (went to goodwill), had to stop using all the plastic because the rest of the family couldn't seem to not use mine, have gotten sick from putting something in the microwave right after something else and got sick. And, Puffs Plus used to have, don't know if it still does, soy in the lotion and I am legume intolerant. So, maybe you should be super careful and write down what you are using each day.
  4. A food diary is an excellant way to find out what other intolerances you might have. That is how I have been able to figure out most of my food issues. Also, now that I have a known list of foods I am intolerant to, it is easier for me to determine new food issues that develop. Most recently I figured out I am intolerant to the calcium supplent that is added to non-dairy milks and OJ. I use plain hemp milk now with no problems. Anyway, it took a little time but it really isn't that difficult any more. It is amazing to be NOT sick, all the time! I had joint pain, headaches, fatigue, gi issues, etc. This is a great place...welcome and good luck!
  5. Chicken Pox At 44yrs Old

    I got it at 27 with my kids but you should check with you doctor, just in case.
  6. I too am going to voice my opinion. As the only gluten free in the house, second marriage of 7+ years, 2 teen boys/mine, 1 teen girl/his, almost all dinners are safe for me to eat unless we do a special treat like nachos (can't have corn chips) or pizza because mine is too expensive. Breakfast everyone is on their own. Lunches at home are the same, everyone does their own thing, usually sandwhiches or my kids are hooked on ramon noodles right now (ick!). The learning curve is pretty high but after a while, it gets much easier. It just takes time and lots of planning, no quick meals here (with all my food issues). If you throw in the kids and hubby's issues, it just adds to the mix. One is lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive but not enough to quit yet--tested negative so not celiac disease, one has onion, tomato, and bean issues, and the other has cinnamon, beans, and occasional nitrate problems. We eat much healthier and better food due to my diet and everyone is quite happy with all the food we fix and can't tell that it is gluten free (soy, corn, dairy, etc., etc., etc. free). In fact, I love to put on a Thanksgiving spread that would be the envy of anyone. Even the in-laws were impressed!
  7. We have found that we need to knead the chebe mixes a little more than we would anything else and they rise fine. I am not into the look of them though, only the taste and the fact that I have bread I can EAT!!! After a bad experience with Pamela's several years ago, I haven't tried anything since but I think I heard on here they have a dedicated factory, but now dieting, kind of throws a kink into things.
  8. Changes

    I think the new look is a nice change and I am very thankful for Scott keeping up the site since I love reading and occasionally posting.
  9. I eat the Nutty Rice all the time and have a box of the Nutty Flax that I was waiting for a day that I was going to be home just in case I do react becuase I never know what will affect me.
  10. Yeast!

    I have a yeast intolerance, not candida. Even after a year on antibiotics for doctor suspected lyme disease, I had no problems with yeast infections. However, I run a fever, have brain fog for days, extreme fatigue within 30 minutes for hours after, and digestive issues when I eat yeast products.
  11. I buy the pasta but make my own egg noodles (Gluten Free Comfort Foods p. 93). We do eat less pasta but really enjoy it when we do splurge. We only keep my pasta in the house except for mac & cheese mixes for the kids and dh.
  12. I know this is all so overwhelming but it gets much better, really. Especially since you will start to heal and get better. As to cc, I didn't think much about it until after I made me something to eat on a counter that I didn't clean and ended up with a bread crumb, yes a crumb, and was sick for days. OK, reality check, need to clean. I also didn't replace my non-stick pans until after one almost ruined camping vacation where I spent every night after dinner in the port-a-potty in the middle of the night and living on imodium during the day after breakfast. I did get my own cast iron skilliet right away though. However, I am not offically dx with celiac disease, I didn't go in for testing until way after and refused to go back on gluten for the test. I now use separate pots and pans, separate sponges for cleaning the non-dishwasher safe stuff, etc. I get a fuzzy head feeling when I eat yeast and I know some people get that with gluten. There are so many different symptoms that just about anything you can think of could be a symptom of celiac disease or glutening. I threw out all the flour products in the house, anything that might be suspect, old spices, etc. and it felt great. I kept stuff for the kids and dh like pizza, mac & cheese, etc. but anything that could produce stuff that I could potentially inhale and get sick from, gone!
  13. In-laws And Holidays

    This year, I plan to show up to their house full which is what they did to me last year after I cooked a huge meal, three meats, three dressings, tons of finger foods for the before and after, lots of sides, three different kinds of pie for a total of 5 pies, etc. At least last year I didn't make homemade whipped cream for them to not eat because they prefer Cool Whip. And, after they showed up late and full, she proceeded to try and bake something without mentioning it to me first or taking my planning into event - with that much food, I had all my oven and cooktop time planned and all space was occupied. Of course, hers was full of stuff I would never even want in my kitchen. This is after I I offered to cook anything she wanted but she never deigned to answer my questions. They also brought store-bought pies. I considered going out for a jog when they sit down to dinner but decided that might be going too far. I am fixing my own Thanksgiving dinner on Friday.
  14. Problems With Poultry

    I just had to stop using my old aluminum pans that I have been using for years since everything I make on them makes me sick...I keep them around now for the kids and their stuff. I normally use only new, glass, or stainless steel.
  15. Enjoy Life

    I only wish they would change the type of vanilla they use - not sure what it is but it makes me sick. However, I do have to make my own with potato vodka since I cannot tollerate any grain alcohols like most people can. If they did, I would buy more of their products, expensive or not...they work great when I have to be out all day for fencing tournaments or swim meets and do not have access to a microwave and still need to eat.