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  1. Since going gluten-free, there have been a few times, where I just wanted some real chips to go with my naked burger, or with my sandwich. I've switched to tortilla chips, or rice chips, all of the varieties, but it never completely scratches my itch for potato chips. Finally, i found what i've been looking for. Utz chips. Not the regular ones, but Utz Natural potato chips. It says right on the bag, THIS IS A GLUTEN FREE FOOD! They're made in Hanover, PA, which is right up the road from where I am. So if anyone out there has been craving a real potato chip and didn't want to risk it with brands that don't state gluten-free on the package....these are great, and normally priced too! They might only be sold in the mid-atlantic area, but i have found it to be a safe and cheap alternative...especially for parties, then you know you can eat them and glutenivore can't tell they are eating gluten-free food. they have lots of varieties, i prefer the reduced salt...perfectly salted.

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