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  1. I must have been tired when I typed that--I must've meant throw her into the mix....?? Being an ex-librarian, I'm into research and they say to eat fermented foods--yogurt, kraut, etc to keep appendicitis at bay, but she was the yogurt queen--not the sugary stuff--the good greek kind and she...
  2. I see this is an old, old thread, but thrown my daughter just turned 17 into the just had her appendix out. I, too, was wondering if there was an connection.
  3. After being gluten free for almost 2 yrs, my son 14 almost 15 decided he wanted to eat gluten again. I let him--he didn't vomit, no mad rush to bath room. BUT...he's back to the arguing, repeating things over and over and over, obsessing over wants. Iphone4, Iphone4, Iphone4....and no, it's not...
  4. I was on www.disboards.com and asked our their adventures by Disney was as far as tours and specifically dietary and was very encouraged by the great responses here's a link to the discussion http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2505698
  5. Highly 2nd Abuelo's--very yummy. Greg Norman's was safe (I was told the chef would come--he/she did not, then when I questioned several items, the waiter was clueless so I'm saying it was safe because we lucked out) Here's a link to a thread from last summer: hope it helps--it jogged my...
  6. Saw a doctor friend in line one day and was going on and on about the miracle of gluten free and why, oh why, doesn't more doctors know about this. She said there is only a small chapter and barely touched on in college and that I know more than she does (she went to med school about 20 yrs ago...
  7. Noticed that this year the Easter egg Reese's did not list any gluten. So, we bought a few, but now that I think about it,the peeps in this house that ate them have been complaining of stomach pains. Never associated with the pb cups. Will definitely not try again.
  8. We've just tried the new chocolate flavored Rice Chex. These are great. My DD16 was complaining that I always give her some time of chip in her lunch and her friend started eating the bag of choc chex that I had packed and told her to shut up because they were sooo good.
  9. I've read that distilled spirits supposedly have the gluten distilled out, but mixed drinks have gotten me 2x. Once a couple of months ago on our 17th anniversary after the Melting Pot. Didn't even make it home--sooooo embarrassing--at least we live on a darkened street where there aren't...
  10. I've spent all weekend blaming my favorite restaurant for screwing up my salad. Well....last night, my daughter starting screaming at her brother, I know, nothing unusual right? But, she's screaming, "Mom these have wheat!" I asked her what had wheat--nothing in my house has wheat. They...
  11. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  12. just wondering the same thing--my son has been on Gluten-free Casein-free for 2 weeks and ALL of his symptoms for the past 3 years disappeared. I asked before he took the test if it had gluten in it, but was told no. HOWEVER, the plans were to come home eat breakfast and go back to school. He...