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  1. Pure maple. Don't get sugar free as it most likely has aspartame. Pure syrup taste way better anyway and doesnt have that chemical after taste. it is about $5 a bottle though.
  2. I found some good whey powder from whole foods, but I need a bigger container. I need something that'll last atleast a month or two. I'd like get a 10lb container of whey, but all the whey I've seen that doesnt have anything bad in it, doesn't come in big containers. Whey at GNC had like 50 ingredients...
  3. I heard I should keep away from aspartate and I heard it is toxic in the same way gluten is. After all aspartame is 40% aspartate. I have yet to find an affordable protein powder, that doesnt have something bad in it. I need to bulk back up, I have almost lost hope. Can anyone help me? I have lost...