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  1. Go to the doc feeling completely exhausted and achey. Was told, you have three kids, you want some antidepressants? Take some iron your ferritin is 2.

    Go to second doc, tell him about ferritin of 2 and he says you have celiac and does the tests. Go back to doc number one, tell him I am celiac and he says, thats a simple test, why didn't you ask me to run it?

  2. So supposedly in Canada the tissue transglutaminase is the only thing they bank their "Celiac" diagnosis on. If the blood test isn't over the "20" rating then they rule out Celiacs. It has been decided that I need to take a Protein Pump Inhibitor by the specialist even though my first test was 17 and then second blood test was 19. I've even felt improvements by not consuming gluten for a week but once back to gluten terrible bone pain and diarrhea returned...When commenting to the specialist about what I have read and tried I was told I have to visit my family doctor to be referred to a G.I. specialist. More waiting and suffering...ahhh how Canada's health care system is so poor and frustrating...

    The scale they used for me (Ontario) was 0-20 (neg) and 20-25 was borderline and over 25 was positive. At 19, you do fall into the neg category. I also had anti-gliadin IgA and IgG done. So no, its not all TTG in Canada. From blood test to biopsy, it was just over 3 weeks for me but that was because I was on vacation. My TTG was wickedly positive at 74. BTW I had a family doc refer me to an internest who referred me to the GI so your specialist is giving you the run around and could refer you to a GI.

  3. Have you noticed any change in his moods? Skin color is a good indication, especially if other people are noticing. Also make note if there is a change in how much insulin he is needing. Level of energy also. Any skin itchiness that has gone away?

    It's hard if he's not having the bowel problems. Such a good indicator because it's so noticeable.

    Ah this is such a shame. Poor guy likely had celiac all along and it triggered the diabetes. There is a huge connection between type 1 diabetes and celiac.

  4. I think most docs have this one all wrong...tTG seems to take time to fall to normal levels in lots of people, despite the gluten-free diet. I recently read an article in the Digestive and Liver Disease Journal, which followed biopsy-diagnosed celiacs in the first year of recovery; at the end of the year, most of the subjects still had elevated tTG IGA levels (although they had all dropped significantly).

    Here's the article name, in case you want to check it out yourself:

    "Dynamics of celiac disease - specific serology after initiation of a gluten-free diet and use in the assessment of compliance with treatment," E. Sugai, et al.

    Thank you!!!! I obviously have dropped a lot going from 74 to 25 but not enough to make him happy.

  5. The biopsy was really nothing. I was lying on my left side (not back) and it was quick, painless, and I was totally out of it. They also said they have people who routinely come in for endoscopy and do it w/o drugs.

    The thing is, your symptoms, fatigue, D, pain, are all celaic symptoms. Your seeing a GI so that is where he goes. The symptoms you have though, IMHO, point more to celiac than wheat allergy. I also believe, that in adults, celiac is far more likley than wheat allergy. You said you felt lousy for three days after eating wheat, that is far more celiac like than allergy. Allergy symptoms are usually fast and furious vs the long lingering symptoms of celiac. I, for example, had a minute bit of gluten a week ago and I still have the headache from it. My child, who has a nut allergy, took one bite of something and had hives all over her face w/in 30 seconds. I'm a wee bit confused as to why your seeing a GI if your so convinced its an allergy?