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  1. http://www.livaad.nl/Livaadengels.htm http://www.villaedera.com/en/ found them on this site..
  2. How much time do you have? Italy is fantasic for a lot of reasons... Every child in Italy is tested for celiac disease....maybe because the disease is so common there (they love their pasta and pizza). Chefs are educated in how to make proper/safe gluten free food. The selecton of gluten free food in shops/pharmacies is GOOD. In the big supermarkets they have so many products. We visited the big shopping center outside Milan 2 years ago, and you wouldn't believe it. Last summer we found a pharmacy in Livorno and they sold nothing but gluten free food! Since we started going to Italy on holidays I have NEVER become sick after eating in restaurants, etc. I always bring an italian translation to the restaurants, and explain how important it is that the food is safe. Some restaurants have their own gluten free pasta, and if they don't I bring my own and they cook it. Had a beautiful Spaghetti Bolognese in San Vincenzo last summer, and in Milan I ate real Italian Pizza!! You can even fing hotels that are gluten free...there's one at the Como lake, or was it Garda?? I can find out if you want... I would advice you to do some research before you go. They even have a telephone number you can call, and they will tell you were you can find a gluten free restaurant in your area. I don't say things are perfect, but to me it has been heaven, and compared to France it is very good! Sorry about my English...I am Scandinavian Just ask more if you need to know more.... Clematis
  3. Anyone who has visited the south of Corsica? I would be happy to get recommendations for restaurants, etc. as we will visit the Island next summer. My experience is that the French isn't too good on glutenfree food, and especially not as good as the Italians - who are fantastic. Thanks
  4. I love to visit France and Italy, have been twice to Paris. Remember to bring a French translation where you describe your disease and how to cook glutenfree food to use in restaurants. If you are staying with a friend maybe you can cook there? And when you visit a restaurant he/she can explain how to make your food at the restaurant. France isn't too good on glutenfree food, but I have eaten in quite a few restaurants when I have stayed there. The last two years I have been to Italy, which is heaven for us with celiac disease. You can also bring your own pasta, and ask them if they will cook it.... Have a nice trip
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