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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. I would strongly suggest avoiding iodine--eating iodine with gluten can cause DH.
  2. I experienced this on my right side for MANY years until I found out I had celiac disease. It took a number of months for it to resolve, though, on a gluten-free diet. I always thought that it was caused by celiac because it corresponded with the beginning of the small intestine, where I assumed the most damage had occurred.
  3. I had three miscarriages but still gave birth to two healthy children.
  4. Yes, I used to suffer terribly from migraines on almost a daily basis; however, after going gluten free, I never had another one. Yay!
  5. Celiac Disease And Pregnancy

    This is very interesting information! It's believed that my mother's celiac was triggered when she was five months' pregnant with me after having an emergency appendectomy. She became extremely anemic, and I was born with Rickets. My three siblings clocked in at over nine pounds, but I weighed only 7 pounds 7 oz. As a child and adult, I suffered from MANY symptoms of nutritional deficiency and miscarried three times. I did give birth to two healthy children. One has confirmed celiac, and I suspect the other one has it, too (but she refuses to be tested). This can definitely be a scary disease!
  6. Celexa

    If it's generic, I ALWAYS call the manufacturer.
  7. If your dentist is unaware of celiac, there are informational handouts available through various resources. I know that the Gluten Intolerance Group of North Americas has such a handout. Their website is www.gluten.net.
  8. I've heard all three doctors speak numerous times at conferences and workshops, and I believe that the specialist who may be able to help you the most is Dr. Murray, because he specializes in identifying other foods and factors that may be causing your distress. He believes in cross-reactivity (which, I know, a number of people on this forum do not believe in), but he has convinced me that this can be a real concern when a person is unable to heal properly after strictly following a gluten-free diet. Try contacting him first to see if he can help--he's very approachable and compassionate.
  9. What a wonderfully planned day for you! Happy Birthday! And I'm so happy that it turned out the way that you had hoped!
  10. A Year, A Novel, A Thank You

    Adelaide, Yes, I hope you're open to taking the parent essential oils. They have to be taken in the correct ratio, though, which is why I provided the measurements. You should start feeling better immediately. Muscle pain and weakness were part of my life for 50 years before I learned about this apparent deficiency that I had. Other celiacs have been helped immensely....and it's a very simple solution. Also, your skin and hair will look great! It also clears all plaque from your arterial system. A recent echocardiogram I had showed that I have ZERO plaque in my veins and arteries, and the technician told me that this is extremely rare. Believe me, the ratio of oils truly works miracles!
  11. Are you saying that it relieves BOTH belching gas AND flatulence?
  12. Ct Scans And Iodine

    I always say I can't have iodine in the contrast. So far, they've used some other type of contrast with me. I'm allergic to iodine both topically and internally, so there is no other option for me. As long as the technician is willing to use an alternative contrast, I would recommend that you keep refusing the iodine.
  13. I would suspect that it might be the soy. I get a LOT of digestive pain from eating even the smallest amount....and lots of D.
  14. Celiac Vaccine? Not For Me

    Yes, I fear that this vaccine won't protect me against DH.....so I'm uncertain whether I'd be interested in having the vaccine. On the other hand, my Sean can't wait to get it. Even if GOT the vaccine, I would continue to eat a gluten-free diet....and would rely on the vaccine's effect to protect me against accidental cross-contamination at restaurants, etc. I wouldn't knowingly eat gluten, though.
  15. A Year, A Novel, A Thank You

    Sweet Adalaide, I believe we've all walked in your shoes--the tears, the frustrations, the comfort we wish we could get back again.....but it gets so much better, as you know. This next year will be MUCH easier for you--I guarantee! I'm a bit worried that you're still having muscle cramps, though. Have you tried mixing 1/2 teaspoon of organic flaxseed oil and 3/4 teaspoon of organic safflower oil into a smoothie or glass of juice on a daily basis? It really does work to make your muscles "normal" again. Cramping and muscle weakness used to be one of my biggest complaints, and going gluten free didn't take care of it. However, I read about mixing these parent essential oils after reading Brian Peskin's book, "The HIdden Story of Cancer," where he explained how they can help people's muscles recover from exercise more quickly. My muscles have felt great ever since, and others on this forum who have tried this solution have told me that it has helped them, too. Also, muscle weakness and cramping can be an indication that you're low in manganese and/or silicon. I take chelated manganese and BioSil on a result basis so that my tendons, ligaments, and muscles remain healthy. Just suggestions, honey..... May 2013 bring you happiness and great gluten-free fare!