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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. There are no official stats on it, which is something I'd like to do myself in grad school, but from what I've seen on forums and from an informal poll I did, there are a lot of people with Narcolepsy that could benefit. The Narcolepsy genes have also been found to be Celiac genes. IMHO it would...
  3. I recently read that Celiac is known to cause secondary autoimmune disorders and allergies. I have Narcolepsy that is triggered by gluten, but I also have some lingering Narcolepsy symptoms on a gluten-free diet that seem to be from permanent damage. I found out I have a Celiac haplotype DRB...
  4. LOL that happened to me 2 nights ago. I had these giant slices of cheese pizza in my hand and I thought "no, I can't eat them" and then I was talking to someone and thought "screw it I'm hungry. I'm eating them" and ate them anyway, and then I was horrified "oh no I'm going to get sick!" Then...
  5. Oh this TOTALLY happens to me. If I eat gluten I wake up at 2am with panic attacks worrying about the stupidest things. My heart races before I'm even awake, and those ghost dreams are the worst! I wake up paralyzed and can't scream and it feels like they're in the room. Of course, I have...
  6. Occipital migraines? I get visual disturbances too, and sometimes when I read, the center of my vision disappears (not just a dark hole...completely gone). My doctor said it's occipital migraines but without pain. I dunno, worth a guess.
  7. Oh man that sucks! No wonder the last turkey I cooked gave me problems. I never even thought they'd ever inject a raw bird with gluten. Those cads! Argh. Here I thought I was being good and gluten-free with any old frozen turkey from Safeway. I had no idea what to look for. I had 2 turkeys...
  8. Genetics research in Narcolepsy is far from complete. They still don't really know what causes it and not everyone with Narcolepsy has the first gene they found. They've since found a couple more, but the research is still pretty new so I don't know if you could get tested for it yet. However...
  9. I have Narcolepsy and have to avoid gluten and a few other foods to feel well. If I eat properly, I don't have many symptoms, although I still have some daily fatigue and I have Cataplexy if I'm laughing at a funny movie or something. But for the most part I feel alert and can think and I don't...