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  1. Genna'smom

    Daughter Got Gluttened

    Hi all- hoping someone could tell me what is the best way to help my daughter get over being gluttened? Do i treat it...
  2. Hi Jen I too have a 5 year old who we found out by accident she is a celiac at 2 1/2 yrs old. She is still small...
  3. Genna'smom

    Gluten Free Kids And Seizures

    Can someone please tell me if anyone has a child who has some kind of seizures as part of being gluten free. My daughter...
  4. Genna'smom

    Gluten In Lunchmeats

    Thanks to all your replies. I remember reading this a while back we started this almost 2 yrs ago now and she had totally...
  5. Genna'smom

    Gluten In Lunchmeats

    Can anyone tell me why our kids cannot have processed lunchmeats. I have been reading labels and cannot find a reason...
  6. Genna'smom

    My Heart Is Breaking

    Hi My 3 year old started preschool 4 days a week and due to her celiac's she has an OT and and counselor. I think...
  7. Genna'smom


    Hi - has anyone had any experience with this and do you think this helps... Bonnie Ps - My dd is 3 1/2 and is...
  8. Does anyone know of a good licorace and where I can get it?? My 3 yr old has been begging me for some. Thanks for any...
  9. Genna'smom

    Kids With Differing Symptoms...

    Hi Please also rememebr that blood tests are not always accurate especially at this young age. My daughter who was...
  10. Genna'smom

    Dq2- And Dq8+ I Am Confused?

    Hi I am in the same boat with the genetic testing.... UGH. Blood work is negative also and she is now 3 yrs old....
  11. Genna'smom

    New Here - My 24 Month Old Needs An Endoscopy

    My now 3 yr old also tested negative in blood work with absolutely no symptoms and she decided to stop eating and drinking...
  12. Genna'smom

    Genetic Results

    OK here goes = can anyone help me with these..... HLA-DQ2 -- POS HLA-DQ8 -- Negative Transglutinase Antibody...
  13. Genna'smom

    Genetic Testing

    Hi all My now 3 yr old had genetic tesing and they told me we were still in the same boat. One came back negative...
  14. Genna'smom

    Help! Ds Won't Take Miralax!

    what about mixing it in with a small amount of jello jiglers to eat and make sure you know which ones....... just a...
  15. Not sure if I can be helpful or not but my 22 mo old daughter stopped eating and drinking and no one knew why and we...