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    complementary / alternative healing, Reiki, Peruvian shamanism, intuitive development, animals, plants, rocks, Earth, Oneness, and the Shift. Gardening, singing, blues music, world music, and great coffee.
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    Seattle, WA, USA

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Gluten allergic, even a speck causes serious cognitive difficulties :unsure: for 9 days. Then can't stay on task, think clearly, reason, :blink: remember appointments or names or directions or words. Nor can I perform simple cognitive tasks :( (such as addition) after being glutened. I've been known to spend hours trying to locate where I parked. <_<

Am blessed to live in Seattle where we have several natural health groceries, fresh food co-ops, and farmer's markets in virtually every neighborhood.

Now an integrative healer of animals and people, I was a high school English teacher for 20 years.

  1. Unilever at Ragu sent me the following response on 3/10/2009: Thanks for writing! Common ingredients that may contain gluten are rye, wheat, oats and barley, and noodles and pasta prepared with any of the previously mentioned grains. HVP, TVP, flavorings, are likely to contribute gluten as...
  2. Leonesse

    Red Robin

    3.3.2009 Red Robin will now print out a list of all gluten free options (updated monthly) for gluten free patrons. Their salmon burger in lettuce instead of bun is great! Be sure they leave the seasoning off those yummy fries!
  3. This is cross-posted from another web site and dated Nov. 7, 2007. I contacted the Lindt company when i couldn't get direct information from them off their web site. Lindt chocolate is not gluten free. "Thank you for your response. Our products are not Gluten free because we use Barley Malt...