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  1. Is it malt flavoring, what's up with Kellogg's, and by the way, Happy St. Pat's Day, my oldest daughter was born on March 17th, does that make her Irish, what do you do for gluten...
  2. Which ingredient in Kelloggs corn flakes makes this cereal not gluten free
  3. Those celiacs that shop for gluten-free foods at Florida grocery stores, anyone aware where Schar products are stocked? Thanks
  4. Any Celiacs out there have a problem with eczema and itchy red spots or itchy skin, including the body and scalp? please advise, Doug
  5. To all Celiacs, the only thing I see as suspicious In Kelloggs corn flakes is malt flavoring, anyone try this cereal and not have problems, yes I understand the varying degrees...
  6. What's wrong with Kelloggs management? When are all of us going to have Kelloggs corn flakes gluten free, c'mon Kelloggs, it's made from corn, find a way, General Mills has, any...
  7. I have used Vans gluten-free waffles and have found the taste marginal, anyone have a better tasting product, they've tried, thanks, Doug
  8. Anyone use a prepared gluten-free barbecue sauce by a manufacturer, that meets all of our gluten-free criteria? Thanks Doug
  9. Anyone have a good gluten-free stir fry recipe or product they use? Best wishes, Doug
  10. What you have to lose is all the contents of your intestinal tract, be careful!!
  11. We'll if anyone thinks that you won't get sick on less than 6PPM gluten, then refer to my other post, I got sick on this beer, and I strongly urge anyone really gluten sensitive...
  12. Sorry Savvvyseller, I really meant Bards Gluten Free. What do you like?
  13. To all of my celiac collegues who love granola made with certified gluten-free oats, who has the best tasting recipe for gluten-free granola? I would be using Bobs Red Mill certified...
  14. To all of my gluten-free beer collegues, my son-in-law recently served me a labeled Gluten Free beer named "Daura" from Spain, sold at a liquor store. The bottles had a bottle neck...
  15. Anyone have a gluten-free diet for lowering cholesterol? Are there any diet professionals out there that can suggest a resource to follow? Thanks!
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