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    I love to be outside either walking, jogging, or just playing.<br />I love to play golf especially. I been playing since I was 9, taught by my grandpa and mom. <br />I love to read almost anything. My favorite author is James Patterson right now and the Maximum Ride Series. I am an avid Harry Potter fan also! <br /><br />I love being with my family and friends, they are a large part of my life.<br />I love my job and affecting young high school students in a positive atmosphere.<br /><br />I am still searching for myself and my full purpose in life. However, my faith in God helps me everyday.
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Wedding Plans :)

    Yesterday, Chris and I went to meet with our wedding planner. Everything is coming together wonderfully. We now have a total itinerary with the planner. We also have an ice sculpture...
  3. Christmas 2008

    Merry Christmas! This Christmas was great with family and friends. My soon to be mother in law had a friend of hers make me gluten free, dairy free chocolate covered pretzels!!...
  4. What kind of injuries are you having? I am an athletic trainer with celiac. I'm not sure if I can help you, but maybe if I can get some more information about your injuries. PM...
  5. No he is not. However, he writes the way that someone falls into the book..not knowing what time it is, or anything around them. The only problem is that most of his books are detective...
  6. I am not sure if I missed someone adding WOODCHUCK to the Gluten free alcohol list. It is listed on the label to be gluten free. I have heard it curbs the beer cravings..but I don...
  7. Wednesday I started a book I am borrowing from the library. It's called "Sundays at Tiffany's" By: James Patterson (He is an amazing writer) Anyways, I started the book Wednesday...
  8. Nick- I was diagnosed last year, while I was dating someone. It took him a little bit to get over the inital shock and frustration, just like I did. However, we are now engaged...
  9. Glutened :(

    Yesterday I was glutened..and it was probably fault. I went to Steak and Shake with my fiance. We were going to go to a steak restaurant, but it was very busy (being a saturday...
  10. I agree with everyone else too...the days get better and better. It took me about 2 months to feel better. The best thing that helped me was to think about how much I would feel...
  11. I will have to check on the grilled chicken at Applebee's. I do not get the sauce on the stir fry because it has gluten in it. Thanks for the advice about TB.
  12. Hard Week

    This week was especially difficult staying away from gluten and resisting temptation. I was with friends most of the week...and they always tend to get pizza and want to go out...
  13. I have some ideas that might help anyone. Taco Bell- has Fresco crunchy tacos (lettuce, meat, and tomatos) has Fresco chicken bowl Cinnamon Twists...
  14. Hi all. I am 23 ( a little older than most of you, however I don't feel always comfortable with the "adult" forums). I was diagnosed with Celiac and Casein sensitivity since...
  15. Oatmeal

    Well, today I ate a small amount of oatmeal....not realizing that I don't think I should be eating that. So far, I have been ok, without severe consequences. I feel like...
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