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    I love to be outside either walking, jogging, or just playing.<br />I love to play golf especially. I been playing since I was 9, taught by my grandpa and mom. <br />I love to read almost anything. My favorite author is James Patterson right now and the Maximum Ride Series. I am an avid Harry Potter fan also! <br /><br />I love being with my family and friends, they are a large part of my life.<br />I love my job and affecting young high school students in a positive atmosphere.<br /><br />I am still searching for myself and my full purpose in life. However, my faith in God helps me everyday.
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I am a newly diagnosed celiac in the past 8 months. I was having severe symptoms for about 6 months before being fully diagnosed.

After reading a lot of forums and information on this site, I realized all my other symptoms that I have had my whole life now.

1. When I was an infant I would vomit all my food, unless it was soy based.

2. When I was young I had terrible migraines (I got my eyes checked and thought that was the cause)

The migraines continued into my teens (then I thought they correlated with my menstrual cycle) NO Luck!

3. After starting high school. I started coughing constantly after eating for about 1-2 hours. My mom told me she thought I had a tick or seasonal allergies.

4. A year ago, I started with severe diarrhea.

*Now that I read a lot about symptoms I realize those were my simple symptoms changing to the diarrhea.

I have none of these symptoms at all anymore!! Amazing :)

Other than my intestinal identity...I am a Certified Athletic Trainer and I am attending school for my Master's degree.

I am soon to be married and hopefully start a family later on. I am trying to find a place where I can find information and meet people to help me cope with the new transitions I will be having.

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