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    I love to be outside either walking, jogging, or just playing.<br />I love to play golf especially. I been playing since I was 9, taught by my grandpa and mom. <br />I love to read almost anything. My favorite author is James Patterson right now and the Maximum Ride Series. I am an avid Harry Potter fan also! <br /><br />I love being with my family and friends, they are a large part of my life.<br />I love my job and affecting young high school students in a positive atmosphere.<br /><br />I am still searching for myself and my full purpose in life. However, my faith in God helps me everyday.
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  1. I am not sure if I missed someone adding WOODCHUCK to the Gluten free alcohol list. It is listed on the label to be gluten free. I have heard it curbs the beer cravings..but I don't like beer, so I wouldn't know.

    Good luck to everyone

  2. Nick-

    I was diagnosed last year, while I was dating someone. It took him a little bit to get over the inital shock and frustration, just like I did. However, we are now engaged and getting married in 6 months. I am very glad to have found someone that was supportive and understanding through out the process.

    At least you have already found out and are looking for someone to share that with you, better than finding out in the middle of it all. I agree with the online dating, at least to make some friends in your area with celiac. My fiance, is going to be totally gluten-free after we are married (since we don't live together now).

    Good luck with everything, and remember to live one day at a time!

  3. I agree with everyone else too...the days get better and better. It took me about 2 months to feel better. The best thing that helped me was to think about how much I would feel better each day. I took each day at a time realizing that each day was some improvement.

    A suggestion, would be to write down what you are going to eat for the week and plan what types of meals you are going to have. With the pre-planning you take out the "unknown" and the cravings are less.

    I am 23 and in Graduate school. If you ever want to talk, let me know.

  4. I have some ideas that might help anyone.

    Taco Bell- has Fresco crunchy tacos (lettuce, meat, and tomatos)

    has Fresco chicken bowl

    Cinnamon Twists (rice noodles with cinnamon)

    Applebee's- Has a great Oriental Stir Fry (Just change the breaded chicken for grilled chicken, but I am not sure about the sauce..I usually don't get it on there.)

    Has a great Weight watcher's Steak and Portabello mushroom dish, potatoes and veggies

    Outback Steakhouse- I have heard rumors there is a chocolate dessert that is gluten free!!!

    I would suggest not getting the hashbrowns at any fast food, they are contaminated.

    I have eaten the breakfast sandwich at McDonald's which has the egg not scrambled, with canadian bacon. Just ask for no mcmuffin/bun. (they always look at your weird)

    My last suggestion would be Subway-

    I get the Gluten free wraps at Meijer, or local grocery store. I take the wrap into the subway and they will make you a wrap, along with decreasing the price. ;) I usually keep a wrap with me when I know I might be stopping to eat somewhere, it's always a great backup.

    Hope this might help anyone. I know I will keep looking.

  5. Hi all. I am 23 ( a little older than most of you, however I don't feel always comfortable with the "adult" forums).

    I was diagnosed with Celiac and Casein sensitivity since April 2008.

    I would have to agree about going out to eat or being in public with family members, especially my mom and my soon to be mother in law. I love my mom to death....but she feels the need to announce to everyone around us that I am on a gluten-free diet! Personally, I would like not to have everyone else know at all times. It's none of their business, unless I bring it up, or they ask me. I don't have a problem talking about it....I just am always annoyed by the fact that other people decide to announce it for me. Does anyone else have that problem?

    My soon to be mother in law has the tendency of buying lots of gluten free products for me (which is great, I don't have to buy them) however, most of the items are DISGUSTING! But, I am too shy (intimidated by her) to say otherwise, so I usually choke it down and smile :) Hopefully, I will get the courage to say something...sometime.

    I know since I am older than some, I would love to talk about anything. Contact me anytime.


  6. I'm already a bit of an abnormality, as my Celiac symptoms were always strictly skin-related (DH like you wouldn't believe!). I was VERY lucky to not have the gastro symptoms so common with most Celiacs.

    In relation to this, I actually GAINED 50 pounds before they diagnosed me. (We realized there was a problem when I was exercising 6 hours a week and still gaining weight). I think it's because I was always hungry, so I just kept eating, and I must have been getting enough of the good stuff that I was absorbing at least some of the food I was eating. Also, my symptoms were present for only about a year before diagnosis so I don't think my intestines were too badly damaged.

    So my question is, is there anyone else out there who actually gained weight? My doctor was really confused by the weight gain being related to Celiac, but since going gluten-free, I haven't gained any more weight. Just knowing there are other "Celiac Weirdos" out there would be really great as I start to try to lose this weight...Thanks. :unsure:

    I am also a wierd case of Celiac and casein sensitivity. I gained about 15 pounds FAST! This was very concerning to me since I am small framed and only 5'2". I was getting so frustrated and my doctor tried to put me on a 1000 calorie diet for diabetics. This was not good since I could barely function.

    I had the same problem as you with feeling hungry all the time, but no absorption. I had diarrehea constantly but gained the weight.

    I encourage you to keep eating healthy and starting/continuing to exercise...the weight will come off after your body stays in a steady state. I have successfully lost about 10 pounds of the weight and I am sure you will be very successful too!!

    If you ever want tips or suggestions about exercising, I have lots of websites and workouts.

  7. I started my life style change when i woke up this morning......i recently found out i am allergic to:yeast/MSG, tomatoes, milk, gluten(i realize not so much an allergy), and fake sugar. i'm a vegetarian.

    i also have a fungus infection in my sinuses.

    anyone else a teen trying to deal with this? What do you do to help that hungry feeling?

    please message me or give me feedback on here.......THANK YOU!

    (I'm new, and this thing is complex!!!)

    Hi. I am new to this site also. I have known that I have celiac and casein sensitivity for over a year now.

    It is hard to get used to the cravings, especially since I had eaten anything for my entire life prior (22 years). For the hungry feeling I try to drink water. If that doesn't help I will eat vegetables or something that I really like that still tastes good.

    I recently crave protein all the time...hard boiled eggs are now my absolute favorite. Eating the protein helps with keeping you full because the breakdown in your body will take a long time and leave you feeling full. Hope this helps a little bit and good luck!