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About Me

about me, I am a fun loving person, I have 2 kiddos, Dean is 8, Amelia is 3.

I am 31 yrs old, I was Born in New Jersey, and now live in Alabama! I am married

to my Husband of 8 yrs, together for 15 years. I was always the kid asking for bread, rolls, etc...

I worked in sandwich shops, pizza, bagel shoppe for a really long time, hence the name bagelbabe is what the customers called me and my husband was bageldude ( he worked there too) .

I was diagnosed in 2007 the day before Thanksgiving with celiac disease, based on my high genetic risk factor, and iga defficency, Since that diagnosis, I have had 2 more visits to GI Drs. and more testing,

which came back normal Iga levels, no Iga defficency, which was the headlight factor for the initial diagnosis! So now after all of that, BTW, I am hypothyroid, and have been underweight most of my life, and have dysautonomia mvp syncope. So which came first the chicken or the egg senario? Hmmm

the world will never know?