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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. I feel your pain, I have been there, I am in the same boat right now, I was diagnosed 2yrs ago roughly by a Doc that did the full panel plus genetic risk factor, I came back negative for the antibodies test, High Risk Category based on genetic flags found, and he diagnosed me with Iga defficency which he based his diagnosis on for the reason my antibody test came back negative for celiac. So b/c I feel if you have a life long commitment to following a rigourous and restricted diet/ lifestyle, I had a second and a third opinion. they both said, that I was not Iga defficent which would cancel out the first doctors reason for diagnosing me right? Yeah I am at a high risk and had symptoms yada yada yada, but also I have been pretty much gluten free before I was even tested the first time, and was strictly gluten-free after diagnosis. SO it stands that I really don't have a celiac diagnosis afterall, I m starting from scratch, and contimplating a rough month ahead for peace of mind for me and my family since they are in the same gluten-free household as of now, I am terrified as well of eating a crumb of gluten, I have more anxiety about it than anything, But at the end of it all hopefully I should have something solid to stand on. IF you don't you will always wonder, and think about it , its exhausting reading everything, shampoo, makeup , vitamins, medications, it never goes away, so a month of uncomfortable stuff might be worth it to you to have that true answer. I wish there was another way, but I don't think there is, I have been gluten-free for 2 yrs now, and it sucks, not just not eating bread and such, just the worry, the being left out, or just always having to read every stinkin thing, I mean I might and you might just be sensitive to it at the end of it which is much better than worrying about a single crumb contaminating your food, SO thats what Im hoping for, I am hoping for a difinitive negative no doubt about it answer! then I can make my own choices, and live my own life!
  2. What? You seriously can not join the Military if you have Celiac Disease? That is Nuts!
  3. I would say, as my dr has said, with non specific test results indicating celiac disease, that If you feel better and see improvement with a gluten free diet, stick with it, other wise your looking at 6 months of a regular gluten filled diet do be able to really diagnose it with a biopsy and ati - body tests. which I am not going to go through , I know that I should not have the slightes bit of gluten in or on or near my body, and thats it!
  4. I Know, it gets really tiresome, Gluten free alone is overwhelming, but add dairy , corn etc... I suspect, that I have some other things dominoing from the celiac. One thing I am going to look into is some digestive enzymes? I would think that would help, But who knows what is in that? I feel your pain! I would rather not have to think about food anymore, it is no longer a fun thing to do, like eating out, or cooking out! Always worried, on top of that, My husband said that he thought I really had an eating disorder and that I was hiding behind celiac! because I am so thin, so I had to at his request make a dr apt for him to go along with me so he could talk to the dr. and he is still not satisfied! We have a gluten-free household, since I am the one that cleans and is here all day feeding the kids, I give them the freedom and they have the freedom to eat whatever gluten items when My husband is at work for 2 meals of the day, and goes out for lunch, they go to family members and eat there etc.... I can't do any of that so I need one just ONE safe place! and I still get my Husband pushing things carrying around gluten food items in his car! SO know the kids always want to be with him in his candy car! But back to you- It sucks! definetly, I am afraid of everything unknown. and personally Im so tired, I can't even spend another minute looking at ingredients for makeup and shampoo, and definetley tired of the person I married always thinking I am full of sh**t, Oh Like I would want to have this difficult life long restricted lifestyle, SO that is going to have to change! I at least hope you have some REAL support at home!