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  1. I have a large number of allergies, along with skin (and "normal") gluten reactions. I also had pretty bad reactions to every "normal" antiperspirant and deodorant i tried. First, I tried the Savonnerie one, and of course like all Sav products it is safe.. but powders are not so good for just...
  2. Like many others here, I was hypoglycemic pre-gluten-free.. but like as you said, it isn't the same sensation. It also took me a long time to get a doctor to listen. My blacking out pre-gluten-free was also not caused by hypoglycemia. They assumed I must have low blood pressure, but I was always...
  3. These are urgent, the need to sit/lay/lean against something right away with inability to keep eyes open. Many times a day, every day of gluten symptoms. Usually only lasts a few minutes, and comes out of nowhere. Before going gluten-free, sudden sleepiness spells sometimes preceded a black out...
  4. Sadly, I think you must be right. I can't think of any explanation. I even emailed the,m to be sure they are a genuinely gluten-free dedicated line. Guess I just can't have Glutino.
  5. I don't react to Bob's Red Mill gluten-free corn muffin mix, which contains that, so couldn't be.
  6. Someone suggested that to me months ago, when I first noticed reactions to Glutino products, but I am positive corn does not bother me; I can eat it in any form, even bake things from corn flour myself. I'm also not allergic to rice, and I am not positive I have a soy allergy (just avoid it to be...
  7. Thank you, but that was the first thing I checked, and it was not the problem.
  8. Yes, I have a 100% gluten-free kitchen, even my paper towels are gluten-free. There is no chance for CC in my toaster or oven, and their cereal also makes me feel bad.
  9. It seems like every time I eat a seemingly-safe Glutino brand item, i start feeling sick. Their bread, cereal, and everything else sets me off. They have soy in many of their products, but I don't buy those, and I don't react to trace amounts of dairy so it's unlikely for soy. Does anyone else...
  10. I am the same age, and walked on my toes as a child, even at age 4. I still do it. celiacs are born celiac, even if they do not develop the disease until later in life. I first notice a gluten-derivative making me ill around age 9.