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  1. Hi... I am new here and am looking for some advice on my health problems. I am a 35 year old female that has always been healthy, energetic and the correct weight. I have 2 children ...girl and boy (the boy was born 10 months ago). About 6 months ago, I started getting periods of fatigue, night sweats, stomach upper intestinal bloating and loose stools, huge appetite and weight gain. I also had a feeling of fogginess in my head most days. I had just returned from Cuba, so was tested for related illinesses. My symptoms shifted to joint pain, and muscle weakness / heaviness in arms and legs, muscle pain, trouble swallowing, low grade fevers and flushing over my body. Lately I have been getting some tingling and numbness - minor. I still have periods and dizziness and loose stools. I now have no appetite and have lost 12 pounds. All of these symtoms seem to come and go... I have good days and bad days ... but mostly bad. It almost seems something is triggering them. I have had numerous blood tests and my B12 was low. This has been corrected. Everything else was fine... including Thyroid. I also was found to have pre-diabetites, however the doctor said it wasn't causing all of these problems it is just a warning for me. I have been to 2 neuroligists and have had 2 very thorough exams and and EMG. I have no clinical neuro issues and am very strong ... although I feel week. I have been cleared of anything neurological ... ie MS. THe doctor said that something is bothering my nervous system, but it is not starting there. I am going to a rheumoligist tomorrow and if that does not determine anything, they want me to see a Infectious Disease Specialist because of Cuba. I was tested for parasites and lyme twice and both came back negative. My mom mentioned Celiacs disease as her friend thought she had MS (similar symptoms as mine), but instead was diagnosed with Celiacs. My confusion is that my gasto symptoms are fairly minor now, and the muscle symtoms/ nervous symptoms are worst. Does this make sense for celiacs? I have not been tested yet. My primary doctor has not enough mentioned Celiacs. Interesting enough, I went on a low carb (no carb for 2 weeks - South Beach) to try to lose some weight and I felt better. I would appreciate any opinions and help. Thank you