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  1. I would almost BET it is the BBQ sauce. Annies naturals has a gluten-free BBQ but its not tasty and not soy free. The only sauce I have found (and we by the gallon and cook with...
  2. There is not 1 food item that is safe there..even salad has cross contamination. McDonalds General Maanger said this and our daring expierences had also proved it to be true. If...
  3. My grocery store hy-vee and my health store sells one.. Applegate..however its nealy 7 bucks a pack so now bacon becomes your steak! My doctor said for my son to just increase...
  4. The safest would be a certified gluten-free brand such as Verve Glee. However, here is some info I snagged from Bette Hagges guide to help you recognize hiddeng gluten ingredients...
  5. We use Eden Azuki beans and Best Choice for other types..and black beans I use a hispanic brand, I can cheack the brand but it may be a local brand.
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