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  1. Hi there! I have had gastro issues all of my life. My father had epilepsy, a really bad form of it. I now believe they are both caused by gluten. The gastro issues I was experiencing became intolerable after the birth of my last baby, 2 years ago. I could keep nothing I ate, down, and I was in constant stomach distress, had a few pancreatitis attacks, and I thought I was going to DIE. I gave birth naturally, and thought the pain was not too bad, because once you have a few pancreatitis attacks, no pain seems as great as that. The doctors found nothing wrong with me, although they did say intitally it was my gall bladder, so against my intuition, I had it removed, and of course the problems did not improve. Finally, I was SO sick. I gained a ton of wiehgt, had no energy, pastey skin, etc... I was constantly sick and thought maybe I had cancer or something. Every test I took came back negative, except some barely elevated liver enzyme levels. On the advice of an online friend, I did a Total Elimination Diet, and I went down to 6 foods. I started to feel better, slowly, but I was HUNGRY. I added foods back in, and after a couple of retrials, we figured out I could not have gluten or dairy or pineapple. Armed with this info, I had blood tests, including the genetic test, and an endoscopy. It turned out the doctor only took TWO samples for the endoscopy, contrary to what I'd asked for, and of course, they came back negative. The blood tests, including my DNA sample, came back negative. I don't even carry the normal gene for celiac disease. The thing is, I don't believe I only have "gluten sensitivity." I've been exposed, and I get majorly ill, with psychotic episodes even! How can this be? The doctor I saw told me that the chance of me having celiac disease based off my DNA alone would be .0001%. *sigh*
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