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  1. Hi everyone, I saw a few threads on Mohegan Sun but they're a couple years old. I'm heading to the casino in Uncasville, CT and am looking for ideas for Gluten Free Friendly places to eat. I know that Margaritaville has a fantastic menu, and we plan on going to the Michael Jordan Sports Bar for burgers (mine without a bun...and hopefully with something other than a salad for a side). We need to rally and get Krispy Kreme to make gluten free doughnuts....watching my boyfriend eat one will be torture! hahaha Any other ideas??
  2. that's perfect, I work in sheltn. Thank you!
  3. Hey everyone, I just moved to Milford, CT and need a new primary care physician and GI. Anyone have any tips?
  4. the Larabars are good but can be pricey, i tend to stock up when they're on sale. they're gluten, dairy, and soy free, vegan, kosher, unprocessed, raw, and have no gmo or added sugar....yet they still have flavor, it's pretty amazing!
  5. i don't think the betty crocker mixes are out but you should try the Bob's RedMill gluten free chocolate cake mix, it's really good.
  6. i just tried food from george's english muffins...so good for egg sandwiches! I haven't tried to make pizzas yet with them but i think it will be a success also, the against the grain sun dried basil and tomato bagels are fantastic. things like this make me so happy i love good gluten free carbs
  7. you're an amazing friend. really, you are. 1) i prefer lactaid milk over soy milk, it tastes almost exactly the same, it's just a little bit sweeter. 2) butter has dairy in it as well, and if she has celiac she most likely cannot process dairy either, at least for now. i would get her a tub of the Simply Smart "butter" spread...it's not too expensive and is made with vegetable and olive oil instead. it says gluten free right on the tub. 3) the milk in other items may or may not cause the D, it depends on how serious her celiac is and if it has destroyed everything that breaks down the lactose enzyme. I would stay away from chocolate with dairy in it. pure dark chocolate is dairy free and you can get her chocolate things that dont have milk or whey in the ingredients 4) i think lactaid milk tastes fine, i love it, but you could get her some chocolate syrup to put in it...the cheaper/store brands tend to be chocolate flavoring and don't include dairy be careful when you're buying cereals, Rice Chex is gluten free and they're in the process of making all their other Chex cereals gluten free as well but check the box, it'll say so. Pretty much all other "normal" rice cereals contain barley malt flavoring, which is gluten. Whole Foods has a lot of gluten free frozen meals, and Shaws has a good variety as well. gluten free food is expensive and will break your wallet, so don't try to supply her for a long time. it'll probably take a couple weeks for her to start to feel better but if you give her some gluten free options hopefully she'll decide she might as well keep trying it. good luck!!
  8. That makes me so happy!! I'm pumped to have more variety in our cereal selection. I went onto the general mills website and sent them a thank you for making more of their cereals gluten free. hopefully it makes someone's day when they're sifting through all of the questions and complaints and they get one that's actually happy,
  9. i'm going to try joans tomorrow as long as the store still has them when i go! do you guys happen to know how much shipping usually is for the georges food? it won't tell me unless i order something..
  10. I used to get migraines very often and Excedrine Migraine, a cold eye covering, and a very cold bathroom floor were always my solution (it often made me vomit as well). Stress and my period would give me migraines...maybe the gluten mixed with the stressful day caused yours?
  11. It can be really tough at first but it does get easier. Although reading labels is usually very helpful, things that say "Natural Ingredients" may contain barley which we cannot have. Also, almost all "normal" cereals, including rice cereals, have "malt flavoring" which is made from barley. Most deli meets have gluten in them as well as some chip flavorings, ice creams, alcohol, and soups. Your relative also needs to be very careful with cross contamination. Nothing with gluten in it can touch what he/she is eating...that makes eating at restaurants pretty tough unless they have a gluten free menu and know what they're doing. This means no using the same pans to cook food with gluten and your food, hands need to be washed or gloves changed in between, different silverware and cooking utensils. if he/she has any questions you can send me a private messages or i'll give you my email address. I know when I first got diagnosed last October it really upset me, i could no longer eat my favorite foods or go out to eat with my friends for Chinese food. Try to be as supportive as you can be and if there's anyone important in his/her life that doesn't understand/believe the seriousness of celiac tell them to come on the forum and ask us questions. it happens a lot. good luck!
  12. thanks so much! I guess the sell them at a natural food store near me so I'll definitely check them out.
  13. I haven't read all of the replies so I apologize if I'm just reiterating things. It does really suck especially when everyone's like "Let's go out for Chinese food!" which we can't eat, or at a Mexican place I can't eat at. I'm a girl but I hang out with almost all guys, so it's not like I can be like "Guys, it's really getting on my nerves when you make fun of me like that" because that would make a lot of them do it even more. They're not mean, it's just how we joke around with each other. I would probably do it to them if roles were reversed so I try not to get annoyed. You could always try an unseasoned steak or plain chicken cooked with salt and pepper...and instead of wine you could get rum or whiskey and soda. ordering a jack and coke, rum and coke, or gin and tonic sounds much more manly than a white wine. You can always call the restaurant ahead and let them know about your health issues and have them prepare your food ahead of time, or if you buy gluten free hamburger buns you can bring one with you and ask them to use that instead.
  14. I was at my friend's house last night and she made pizza on an english muffin. i miss those sooo much! do you know of any bagels or english muffins that would be good for making pizza bagels or pizza english muffins? thank you!
  15. I'm a junior in college in Rhode Island and I just got diagnosed this October after being sick for a good 6 or 7 years. It is really tough being at school because the dining halls don't cater to this if they even know about it. I don't have a meal plan because I live off campus with a couple friends, but one of the cooks in our dining hall has celiac so he's pushed for kinnikinik bread and old el paso taco stuff and corn nachos that celiacs can have. If you live on campus I would suggest going to dining services or the nutritionist at health services and tell them about your problems, they may have some ways to help or can push for dining services to get more food you can eat. If they don't do that you can probably get them to give you a waivor so you don't have to buy a meal plan and can spend your money on food you can actually eat. Shaws and Stop & Shop have a good selection of gluten free foods, and the Natures Way (i believe) has delicious buckwheat wildberry waffles. Luckily I have a great group of friends who are supportive of my eating habits. I don't drink, so they've already had two years of "waiiiiiiiit you don't drink?!?!" so they don't think it's as big of a deal when I found out I was allergic to beer. The most annoying thing is when everyone wants to go out to eat because I still don't like it. One of their favorite places is Chen's for Chinese food, and I clearly can't get that. If your close friends still don't understand you can have them come on this forum and talk to some of us, that might help them understand better.
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