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  1. Hey, everyone. It's nice to see some posts here again. :)

    We just got back from a great trip to Florida for the kids' break. We visited Orlando and went to SeaWorld parks. I mostly packed snacks for us, but we were able to get a couple of great meals there that were safe. At Aquatica, there was not really anything good, but we did find some packaged brownies from a company here that I had never heard of before. She loved them. The company is called French Meadow Bakery and when we came back, I saw that they are even at the airport. I checked out their site and am going to try a few other things. Their brownies tasted just like the ones I make for her. Has anyone else tried their stuff?



    I have never been to French Meadow but I have had the frozen cookies and brownies that Target now carries in their frozen foods section. Very tasty!! I'm not sure about the price though as my boyfriends son bought them for me (wasn't that sweet of him?).

    Glad you had a good trip!


  2. My son LOVES the Glutino frozen pizza's.

    I tasted the one I bought for him and he thought it was pretty good as far as gluten-free goes.

    I have also used the Glutino gluten-free pizza crusts. The only downside to that is that you need to make sure to put the topping on the right side or they bowl the wrong way and the toppings slide off. LOL

    My son liked the Amys gluten-free frozen pizza too but that was nearly $8. Bah!

  3. I too have felt discouraged and sad when I had to give up my granola bars. I spent many weeks searching for an alternative until I gave up. A few weeks ago I was laying in bed and thought "Just cause I can't find a subsitute on the shelves doesn't mean I can't make it myself".

    I googled gluten-free granola bars and found a bunch of really great recipes. If you have the time I suggest you make your own. I like making them myself for these reasons:

    *You control what you put in there therefore you know that there isn't anything you CAN'T eat in them

    *They have less preservatives and no corn syrup and are therefore better for you

    *You can put them in plastic ziploc bags and put them in your purse, school bag, backpack. briefcase etc....

    *They are tasty

    *You can get pretty creative with it and find a recipe that suits you and your specific tastes

    I have had a really hard time finding ANY gluten-free granola. Everywhere I go to buy them are out or they just don't carry it. I've thought about ordering online but then you pay for shipping (F that!). I just substitute oats for corn or rice cereal instead.

    Let us know if the ones you found are any good. I did see that they sell them pretty close to me so I'll be curious to know how they taste. ;)

  4. OMIGOSH! I am so excited!

    I have never met anyone else with celiac except for my son and I (but according to the stats I probably have met many people who are). So this is an awesome thread.

    I went to Pizza Luce in St Paul on Wed and had the Shrimp Al Pesto pizza. It was awesome. It was so nice to have pizza again that I didn't make myself or buy frozen. I was a little nervous but my family was there with me and all wanted a bite of my pizza to try it.

    I live in South St Paul. I work in Minneapolis and go to school in St Paul. Reading all these posts has been very informational for me as I didn't realize there were so many gluten-free restaraunts and bakeries out there.

    I have been to Cooqi but all I had there was a lemon bar because I was broke (college student...meh!) and it was very tasty. I am going to go there one of these days for some bread because my son recently told me that he misses sandwiches. Poor kid.

    Anyway I am very pleased to meet you all. I look forward to getting to knowing you better.

    ~Heather :D

  5. Hi Poppycat,

    I can totally relate to what you are going through right now. I was diagnosed when I was 15 but never took it seriously until my toenail mysteriously fell off. That was enough to scare me into a gluten-free diet and have been for a little over a month now.

    I can tell you that the first couple of weeks were complete h*ll for me. I ate very little and was starving!!! STARVING! Not because I was eating gluten-free and my body was just hungry but because I was scared to eat and didn't know WHAT I COULD eat or could not eat so I just ate popcorn, corn chips and Thai Kitchens soup bowls.

    I saw that someone directed you to the crockpot 365 site. That is where I went to get gluten-free recipes on the advise of my boss. I also recommend that you stay away from bread altogether for the first couple of months. You body remembers right now what gluten bread tastes like and so NO gluten-free bread will taste good to you. Concentrate on things like Meats, veggies, fruits etc....basically things that are not processed. Then in a few months start experimenting with the breads.

    Eating gluten-free is NOT cheap at all!!! It is very easy to want to be gung ho about bread mixes, gluten-free snacks, baking mixes etc but you don't have to do it all at once. Every once in a while I will pick up a product that I haven't tried before. If I don't like it my bf eats it (LOL he's a human garbage disposal) and if I like it I buy it again.

    I can tell you that I am a huge fan of

    *Pamelas products (not cheap but her mixes are VERY versitile and her cookies are pretty good too)

    *Amy's Kitchen (I like her frozen gluten-free mac and cheese as well as a number of frozen meals)

    *Glutino (They have AWESOME candy bars, cookies and my very favorite gluten-free pretzels)

    Many of the mainstream products are gluten free like Jiffy and Peter pan peanut butter, Frenchs mustard, Heinz ketchup and A1 (thank my lucky stars!). Just do your research online before you go to the store and try to arm yourself with as much information as possible. It makes shopping much easier. As always READ THE LABELS. This is a mantra I have adopted and ingrained in my head. I think I even say it in my sleep. LOL

    No one wants to be "That person" when it comes to food but unfortunately we don't have a choice. The faster you come to that realization the easier it will be. My brothers make fun of me and one tells me it's all in my head (even tho he grew up with me and saw me sick for most of my life) and I won't pretend that it doesn't hurt but I KNOW that I have this problem. I KNOW that I can feel better (and have all my toe nails for pedicures) by eating the right things.


    It gets better. It does! :)