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  1. Has anyone tried making home made gluten-free bagels? The store boughts just aren't cutting it. I have tried the one from Hagman and wasn't thrilled. I just received a Fenster book and was thinking about tackling that recipe this weekend. I am also tempted to try making bagels with Pamela's Bread Mix. Just not sure where to start. Any feedback? Thanks!
  2. With most gluten-free stuff, it seems to be a matter of taste and opinion. I wasn't personally a huge fan of Bob's Red Mill and had a hard time getting it to cook all the way through. My latest experiement was to make the recipe on Pamela's Products website. She carries my favorite products and they always have the best taste to me. I used her bread mix which comes with a yeast packet. Here are the directions on the web and see my modifications below: Crunchy Pizza Crust 1 bag Pamela
  3. My husband and I are going to try to get pregnant soon, for the first time. I have been gluten free for about 1 year, feel amazing, but was never officially dx with celiac because my test results were negative. Wondering if any new yorkers have any recommendations for a good midwife who is sensitive to gluten-free issues. Thanks!
  4. HElp!! I am not sure if this is gluten related or not, but for the past year or so I have had the worst scalp. Itchy, flaky, almost "soft" in a way. I can run my finger nail on it and a bunch of skin comes off. Not your regular dandriff. I am a recent celiac dx, within the past 6 months and am compliant with the diet as much as possible. I am using scalp benefits shampoo/conditioner from aveda and have made sure my hair products (of which I use few of) are gluten free. Has anyone else experienced this? I was hoping when I was dx that this would help it clear up my scalp, too, but now it has been months later and to no avail. I just went to get my hair cut and the girl said that I even have scabs on my head because I itch it too much. YUCK!!! This is an embarrasing problem. I don't think it is DH but am not sure. I have been to a derm who just told me to put on some foam steroid but that didn't work very well. What can give me relief? Any suggestions? I am dying to get this to go away for good! Think coconut oil rubbed into scalp would help?
  5. lilfrenchie

    Celiac Comic

    Just saw this really great comic on what it is like to be a celiac from the voice of a husband! Check it out!! http://dustinland.com/archives/archives368.html
  6. Does anyone know if this is gluten free? I used to use trader joe's protein powder but found out it was not. I have been using 365 since then but want to be sure.....
  7. Like many of you, i have been sick for many years. My dad was just diagnosed with celiac this past spring. he got really sick, was in the hospital, lost 25 lbs. I have had milder GI issues for past 9 years. Had many tests, no diagnosis. When my dad was diagnosed, I went to have the blood test and biopsy, both which were negative. I didn't believe the results and went on a gluten free diet for 3 weeks with great results. I am trying my best to be gluten free at this time but it can be hard at times. My brother also believes he may have issues with gluten. It seems the professional medical community is so subjective on this subject. Every MD i would ask or research that i do tells me something conflicting. MY question is: how do i figure out if i am just gluten intolerant (and can eat gluten and do no future harm, just have bad symptoms) vs a celiac? Do I assume that since my dad has it, it is therefore genetic and likely celiac? Does gluten intolerance turn into celiac if non compliant? Thanks for your help in advance! this forum has been priceless!