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  1. Thank you all so very much for this great advise! I do think that I am going to have to go gluten-free and start a B-12 vitiamn. I am also going to look into the blood sugar. I eat a TON of sweets and carbs...so that definitly might be a suspect!
  2. nikki55

    How To Start Gluten-free Living

    Hello Mamaw, I cannot begin to thank you for this wonderful list! I actually am crying because it seems like I can now start with some information under my belt and not feel so completly overwhelmed. You cannot begin to understand what it means to someone like me who is so new and scared to have someone like you extend a hand. I will never forget this and will look at this everyday. Thank you, thank you!!
  3. nikki55

    How To Start Gluten-free Living

    Hi SamCarter, Thank you so much for this information as well!! This is an absolute great start! Yes, it is an expensive lifestyle change, but from the way you explained it, it appears it doesn't have to be These are great tips and you have given me such a great starting point! Maybe this won't be so bad after all! I'm looking forward to all the great things I might find! Thanks again! You have made my day
  4. nikki55

    How To Start Gluten-free Living

    Hi Valeriek, Yes, I would LOVE for you to send me any info that you possibly have on this! It's nice to see that I don't have to give up things I would normally eat. I think that is what I am so afraid of. If I do make something out of the cookbook, I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for your help!
  5. nikki55

    Can't Stop Binging On Gluten!

    Rachel, I have the EXACT same problem that you are going through. I have just recently found out I have to begin a gluten-free lifestyle and hearing that has sent me over the edge! Because I have felt crappy for so long, (I have the same lack of energy and motivation that you do) I don't know what it's like to feel any different. I think that I am binging on gluten products simply because I don't know where to start? It's so new and overwhelming, my head is spinning! I know how you feel and I'm sorry. It stinks big time!!! I'm hoping that I will be able to get a grip on it and figure out how to start this new lifestyle change. I'm looking forward to feeling like a normal person for the first time ever, and I'm 33. Oh....just an FYI....I too had a gym membership that I didn't use because of the lack of energy....cancel it...it will save you some $$$ Take care and I hope that you start feeling better.
  6. I'm wondering if people would be willing to share some tips and ideas on how to begin a gluten-free life. I am brand spanking new to this and am truly at a loss. I have a gluten-free cookbook and have been researching online but it all seems so complicated. I am unsure as to how my pantry should change and if there are some easy transition ideas that could be shared. Any information would be wonderful. Thank you in advance
  7. Wondering if someone out there might have any suggestions as to how to go about solving my problem. It seems that no matter what I eat, I get so, so tired that I have to stop what I am doing and lay down or take a nap! I've been trying to do the South Beach Diet with less carbs and eating only meats and veggies, but even still, I am exhausted! If anyone has any ideas, I would really appriecate it! I'm at my wits end and seem to be spending more time laying around that awake. It's not fair to my 3 year old and I feel horrible as a mother and wife because of it. I have done a Candida cleanse 3 times now and take probotics daily. Thank you
  8. Ok....in a moment of weakness I just cheated by eating a bowl of Kashi Cinna.Raisin Crunch!!! I have been on this Candida diet for 6 days and was going to puke if I didn't eat something other than meat, veggies or nuts!!! My headaches and facial pain have subsided for 3 days now but the engery level is horrible still. I am taking Probotics 3 times daily and a garlic pill to help assist in the attack of the Candida. Has anybody been on this diet and cheated? What side effects did you encounter? Am I doomed to fail again? Will this set me back? Does this start me from step one? Have I ruined all my hard work (all 6 days worth..not much I know). If you can't notice, I am feeling HORRIBLE AND GUILTY!! I am planning to resume the diet after this one lapse.... Thanx
  9. I was wondering if anyone out there would have a REALLY good recipe for a pork loin? I am currently on the Candida diet (horrible) which means I can only eat meat, fresh veggies, nuts and water. I am not opposed to stuffing it, however I can't have cheese or milk. I'm at a loss because I am running out of ideas. Please help. THIS DIET IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!! Thanx
  10. Hi Minton, I have looked deeply into the Candida diet and have decided to go on it. I too have ADD, bone and joint pain, headaches, sinus problems, extreme fatigue and low sex drive. There are 2 tests that you can do to see if this may be Candida. My mother and I have been researching this information for the last 4 days extensively and have found that yeastconnection.com has the most information on Candida. But, what we have both found is that Celiac and Candida are very, very similar in their symptoms. It is a bit hard to decifer. If you are going to go on the Candida diet, I warn you. It's really, really strict and boring. The website I told you about has a really good shopping list to start with. It's basically meat, veggies, nuts and water. No sugar is allowed so if you are a sugar addict, such as myself, it is really, really hard. It was easy for me to quit smoking than do this...I'm not kidding. If you find any yeast-free recipes or "Candida" friendly recipes, could you please share them. I'm desperate.
  11. rinne, Thank you very much for your welcome. I have never blogged(if that is what I am in fact doing). Your information is a great start for me to go on. As of right now, I am not sure I have the right doctor, although he is the only one out of so many that looked me in the eye and told me that he would make me feel better. He is an internist. I am not sure that is where I should be. I have not been tested for anything as of yet as far as Celiac. As for Candida I did the "spit" test and it came out looking the way it would if yeast was a problem and I did the other tests on the yeast connection website and scored an 11 out of 12. It is because of this that my mother wanted me to start on this Candida elimation diet right away. She is much more open to the "natural cures" of medical problems than I. I guess I have finally just given up and decided to give it a shot since the conventional medicine hasn't found anything. I have not gone in specifically for any testing regarding vitamin levels. Just the normal blood tests have been taken. Do I need to go to a specific doctor for vitamin testing? Do you have any suggestions about this diet? Recipes? Ideas? It's only been day 3 and yes I still feel really bad and I am getting so sick of meat and veggies!! Thanks again for your warm welcome and I am hoping that with the help of people like you, I will be on my way to healing!!
  12. sbj---I understand that going to my doctor for a celiac blood panel is an option and will probably be my next step. However I was just asking because I am so desperate for help. I have been through so many tests I guess I am just so discouraged that I was hoping to maybe find some indivuals with simliar symptoms and possible get some insight. I didn't mean to waste anyone's time.
  13. I'm wondering if I would be able to gather some feedback from Celiac suffers to help me in my search for a pain-free and happy life. I have had the following symptoms since I was in 5th grade...I'm 32 now so it's been a really long time feeling like total crap. After looking through so much info with my mother and being through so many doctors and test, my mother is ABSOLULTLY convienced that we are on to something with Candida. I am not sure...I am starting to believe that maybe it's Celiac Disease. I am really new to this and don't know where to begin. Here is my story and symptoms...I would appriecate any info....I am truly lost. I am tired ALL THE TIME. Even after a 8 to 9 hours night sleep, I wake up and continue to be and feel exhausted all day. I have no engery at all. It takes all my strengh to do the simplest things because of the lack of engery and tiredness. It's really annoying that I can't enjoy my days. I have headaches pretty much everyday. Doctor diagonsed me with migranes..been on Topamax for those and didn't work. I have constant facial pain, like my actual facial bone structure hurts..my husband thinks he is going to "break my face" because I make him push and rub so hard to try and relieve some pressure. I have always had knee pains, major pain in my shoulders(like it almost feels hard to hold my head up sometimes because the muscles are so tight and hurt so bad). People think it's stress but even after a massage, I have no relief. When I was young I was told they were "growing pains" but I am 32 and I think that they should be done by now and I still have them. I have been dianosed with chronic sinusitus and have had sinus infections all my life--so antibotics I have been on quite a bit. I do have allergies, such as cats, dogs, mold, dust, everything outside, CORN and a few others. I have been diagonsed with ADD and Depression and have been on medication since I was about 20. Irritability and mood swings have all been equated with the ADD and Depression. I have those on a daily basis as well. I am on meds for the ADD and Depression, as well as a host of other supplements. I did just start the SUPER-STRICT Candida elimation diet...which is basically meat, veggies, nuts and water. It's horribly limited and I am craving cheese, milk and sugar! So, that's about all I can think of at this moment. I have a beautiful 2 year old boy and a wonderful husband. I can't continue like this...it isn't fair to them and I am at a lost as to where to start. I hope that someone, anyone can help me, even if you think I don't have Celiac or Candida that would at least help me look somewhere else. I am desperate. I thank you all in advance.