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  1. I had never heard of HS untill I just read these posts. I don't have this, but just want to tell you all that it does sound bad and I hope you all find relief. If you are new to the gluten free diet, thier is a wealth of knowledge on this forum. Feel free to ask away. Hope you all overcome what...
  2. My BP usually runs aroun 140/80 on loppessor. I'm supposed to take lisinipril and a diuetic, but don't. 8 monthe on the glutrn free diet has lowered my BG, but has not affected my BP. Stopped exersizng for my 2 years of having to be near a bathroom. Maybe if I start again, it will help, but gluten...
  3. I'm AB+. It would be interesting to take a poll to see if there is anything to this. My guess is no.
  4. My symptoms usually start within an hour of even tiny amounts. It starts with the stomach rumbling, moves to the big D. I also become tired, depressed and get brain fog. It usually lasts about 3 days.
  5. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!