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  1. Here's a recent M&Ms thread with some helpful info. Also, make sure you are checking the label for "May contain wheat".
  2. Interesting. I used to get Old Hag, also, usually when taking afternoon naps, but not so much anymore. Not sure if it was gluten-related, though.
  3. If you like Bigelow, a lot of their teas are gluten free: http://www.bigelowtea.com/Catalog/Product/36/3/34/Green+Tea.aspx
  4. Lately I've been eating "Planters Harvest 100% natural" almonds. The ingredients simply state "almonds, salt". Planters is a Kraft company, so gluten ingredients will be clearly listed.
  5. Woodwinds rule, Brass drool. Does that remind anyone of middle school band? Shortly after getting diagnosed, I threw out my old reeds that I'm sure could have absorbed gluten if I hadn't had a chance to brush before playing. I disinfected my mouthpiece too. I love to play, and there's...
  6. I emailed Yamaha, which is the brand I'm currently using, and a customer service rep emailed me two PDFs of the MSDS (material safety data sheets) for their cork greases. The one I'm using is made up of Petrolatum, synthetic wax, and tallow blends (animal fats, i guess), and wintergreen scent...
  7. I know this may sound a little random and weird to some, but is there any way cork grease could contain gluten? I've played clarinet for years, and realized the other day when I was putting my horn together how easy it is to get the grease on my hands, and sometimes on the mouthpiece. The ingredients...
  8. I used to eat oranges almost every day before going gluten-free. Now, about 30 mins after eating one I'll get a sharp pain in my gut. I laid off of them for a while because I thought it was a fluke, but once I started eating them again, the same situation happened. I'm wondering if it's just the...