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  1. I just had to share this recipe. Like most of you, there are certain comfort foods that I miss. Chocolate chip cookies are one of the things that I would like to enjoy again. I have tried several mixes but they have all left a funny taste in my mouth so I decided to experience on my own. Here is the recipe that I came up with....

    Cream 1 cup Crisco (butter flavored) with 1/2 c. Brown Sugar Splenda

    Add 1/2 tsp gluten-free vanilla and 2 eggs and blend on medium until well blended

    Stir in pkg of Gluten Free Pantry Muffin Mix and 1 - 12 oz pkg of chocolate chips

    Drop by teaspoon on cookie sheet with parchment paper

    Bake in 350 degree preheated oven for 14 minutes

    They came out crisp and tasted really good.

    Next time I am going to try real butter as shortening sometimes makes cookies crisper than butter does and I did like the gooey chocolate chip cookies best.

    I used Brown Sugar Splenda because I am diabetic and don't have the real stuff in my house. I know the muffin mix has real sugar in it but I really wanted to try cookies again! If you try this recipe with real brown sugar, you will have to use a cup of the real stuff (pressed into the measuring cup)... at least that is the ratio on the pkg of Splenda.

  2. When I first went gluten-free, I dropped about 30#'s and was very happy. I since gained that weight back plus an additional 15#'s. I have really struggled with my weight and wonder if others who are overweight and gluten-free also struggle. I have been determined to lose weight. I have my step son's wedding in Dec in the Bahamas and want to at least NOT be confused for a beached whale at the wedding. I have lost about 20#'s but it is a real struggle. I almost completely stopped eating processed gluten-free foods and have really tried to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks. I am also diebetic so need to stick to that diet too. I would like to lose at least 10#'s more by December.... The fat cells are still there so I think that losing weight is really difficult..... any others out there like this?????

  3. I am going to the MN State Fair on Thurs. I have avoided it several years and am now ready to face "everything on a stick...." I am not sure if other state fairs offer as much food on a stick as the MN Fair but it is rather interesting. Anyway, we used to eat our way through the fair... part of the fun of going.... BUT being gluten-free, I am wondering what is available that is gluten-free. It doesn't have to be on a stick... just GOOD Fair Food. Any suggestions???? I am not sure that watermelon on a stick counts!

  4. I lost about 30# very quickly (3 months) after going gluten-free but then started regaining weight as soon as I started adding more processed gluten-free foods to my diet. Those foods were breads, desserts, snacks. When I first went gluten-free, I gave up everything except hamburger, potato, and lettuce. Needless to say, my diet was really limited. The processed foods, like all processed foods, are really high in calories and fat. I was overweight to begin with and will probably always be overweight. The thought of giving everything up again is really hard. I stay gluten-free but cannot and I guess will not give up the gluten-free substitutions that I like....

  5. When I first went gluten-free, I was so overwhelmed by the diet that I just ate hamburger, lettuce with a lemon squeezed on top and baked potato with all the butter I wanted. I added fresh veggies and fruit after a few weeks and when I was ready about 4 months later, I started reading labels and eating foods labeled gluten-free. For me it was too overwhelming to spend hours in the grocery store reading labels, I just went with what was the easiest. I think that it helped my gut heal faster by limiting the kinds of foods that I ate. It does get easier and cheaper especially when you realize that a lot of the gluten-free foods are really high in fat and the taste is not worth the calories. There are a few I like but I really stick to the main stream foods that label their products. Make it easy on yourself. You will go through a grieving process.... but giving up gluten is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

  6. MOST occasions I say, "Sure, we would love to come.... I will bring my own food so that you don't have to worry about my special diet requirements" and then I change the subject. I don't let them talk me into anything and I don't let them make me feel guilty. After work, perhaps you should put the ball in your husband's court and say, "I won't be able to join you tonight so after my husband takes me home, he will meet you at the restuartant." That way, if your husband wants, he can have dinner with his folks and you won't get sick. He might even get the message that YOUR health needs to come FIRST before making his folks happy.

  7. NONE of the breads taste like real bread..... that being said, I do make bread in my bread maker and when it first comes out and is still warm, the end piece has the texture and taste of real bread (of course, I eat it with lots of melted butter on top). I do miss sandwiches so I have learned to "like" my gluten-free bread. I usually toast it or grill it. I even toast it if I am taking it to work and the sandwich is cold. Trader Joes has a "ryeless" rye bread that tastes like rye bread minus the correct texture! Whatever, there are adjustments that have to be made in life and learning to like gluten-free bread sure beats great tasting bread that only makes me sick! Sorry if this sounds negative... but I used to really like bread and I do miss the pumpernickle, rye and even good old gooey Wonder Bread!.... but now I realize that I just can't eat it so it is time to suck it up and start enjoying what I can... Let's face it... Life is a whole lot better without gluten even if the gluten did add some great tastes to our lives. I would rather have a life without gluten than colon cancer again with gluten!

  8. Your Pot Pie sounds like an old family recipe on my mom's side. I just made it for my two daughters. Unfortunately, I had to use real flour as I do not think that it can be made using a substitute flour. If you come across a recipe, I sure would like to know. It was fun to teach my daughters how to make it. Even if I can never have it again, it was fun to pass this tradition down to the next generation. One of my daughters is adopted so she doesn't have my icky genes though the other one has IBS and I think eventually will be diagnosed with celiac disease.... but she is not ready to push enough to find out. She did have a biopsy but that came back negative. They did a blood test and one of those tests came back with numbers close to positive but her doc said with a negative biopsy, she couldn't possibly have celiac disease. I know.... we all know the truth there but she is just not ready to push the issue. anyway, I am glad to know someone who makes potpie with the big square "noodles". Publish a recipe if you find one that works for Celiacs!!!!

  9. I have literally scratched the skin off because of this itch... no bumps, just itch! I don't think it is DH. I had a skin dr check it and the biopsy came back not DH. Of course, he could only biopsy the areas that were scratched off as there were no bumps. I wonder if besides celiac disease it could be an allergy to wheat though the allergy tests on wheat came back NO ALLERGY. I do have a dairy allergy and maybe that is what causes the itch. Whatever, I just spray on cortisone to control itch and try to watch intake of dairy.

  10. Just an add on to the above comment. I saw my friend today and she was showing me pics of the trip. It looked wonderful. They did travel on the Viking Cruise. She suggested that you get as much in writing (Russian) about your food restrictions as there were few people (I think she said NONE) on the boat who spoke English well enough to understand your situation. One of the stops on the trip was to a home of a Russian woman. She cooked a traditional meal. My friend showed me the pic of the table..... loaves and loaves of bread. She said that homemade bread (even on the boat) was a staple at every meal. I know that this is probably a downer but you will probably just have to figure out a way to be creative in your eating. My friend said that the meals on board were traditional Russian foods.... She said that there didn't seem to be any kind of meal substitutions offered to the guests on the boat. She suggested that you will probably want to get this taken care of before the trip. Again I know I sound like a "nay sayer" but best you prepare ahead for the trip rather than be taken by surprise. I would be anxious to find out how everything turned out. Like I said before the pics looked wonderful!!!!!

  11. My friend and her husband did that cruise in the opposite direction (St Pete to Moscow). They had a great time. I don't envy you trying to do it with celiac disease. She said most of the food was gluten based.... I hope that someone in the know listens to your concerns. I don't mean to sound negative but I would sure think about bringing along as much food as my suitcase will carry. Not only are you dealing with people who might not have knowledge about celiac disease but there is a huge language barrier unless you are fluent in Russian.... BUT like they say, where there is a will there is a way. I would count on myself to make sure I have the kinds of food I can eat. Hopefully, there will be markets along the way where you can get fresh fruits and veggies.

  12. I received much the same response from Cub Foods, a large grocery chain in midwest.... (could be other places, but I have only seen it in midwest). I thanked them for their response and let them know that I would be doing most of my shopping at the Super WalMart where foods are clearly marked gluten-free. Maybe we need to just stop shopping the chains that won't be more upfront about their products. I know that it is a pain but the pocketbook seems to be the only thing that makes large corporations change their way of doing business.

  13. I think that there is a major link between celiac disease and many other disorders. Some are direct links; others are a result of your body not having the strength to fight off diseases. Face it, when we were eating G, we were basically destroying the part of our body that was absorbing the vitamins and minerals our bodies needed to remain healthy. Since I have gone gluten-free, I no longer have as many colds, infections, etc. Eating right and being able to absorb the things our bodies need has made me a healthier person. I had plurasy several times in the past. It is not fun! The longer that you are able to control your diet and heal, the healthier you will get!

  14. We cruised on Princess Lines for our honeymoon in 2003 and they were not very helpful. It was basically, watch your own diet, we have another 1,000+ to take care of!!!! I would like to think that this was just a bad experience but I would not travel on Princess Lines again unless they were more accomodating. Maybe it is the ship within the fleet that makes the difference.... just like some restuarants are more accomodating than others. Interesting thread.... I will keep looking as I would like to take a cruise again.... so if you have good experiences, write them down....

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