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  1. sylviaann

    Muscle Issues?

    These are classic symptoms of the initial onset of Lyme Disease. I had several similar symptoms early in the course of...
  2. You are welcome BigDog, I can definitely relate to your experience as I was tortured for three years with severe myoclonus...
  3. I have been in Savannah since last Sept and will be returning to Florida in a few days....I became extremely ill and...
  4. sylviaann

    I Need Help

    I am so sorry you are going through this. It is so frustrating and emotionally painful when family members and your employer...
  5. sylviaann

    Why Did I Have A Reaction

    Most mainstream tuna companies process tuna products with soy. You could be intolerant to soy. Tuna is also high in glutamic...
  6. Hi Korwyn, I will definitely chek out the gaps diet but now I have discovered yet Another possible trigger for my...
  7. So you are able to use pure extra virgin coconut oil on your skin with no reaction? My track record has not been good...
  8. I am always hearing about Dr. Bronner's products but I have yet to try them. Are they all gluten-free and salicylate...
  9. Unfortunately, I cannot use Giovanni products. I had a severe skin reaction (eyelids) after using their shampoo and conditioner...
  10. I have three jars of the extra virgin coconut oil but I recentlly read that coconut is high in salicylates. Wouldn't...
  11. Thank you Patti I will be looking at this website today! Do you purchase lipsticks and foundation from this company...
  12. I have been Gluten Free since last April and like many of us, have developed numerous additional sensitivities including...
  13. Hi Lisa, You are very welcome ....I have been suffering from myoclonus for almost three years and I keep learning something...
  14. sylviaann

    Liar, Liar?

    Ditto Peter!! I know many of us can relate to your feelings and I agree! We will have to start a "Preparing for the dreaded...