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  1. Saw my gastro on Monday. He discounted the probability of food poisoning and is convinced it was a reaction to gluten exposure. He said what I was describing to him was this immune cascade and that I am just extremely sensitive to gluten...
  2. well, for the first time in the last five days I actually slept for more than 45 minutes last night. Made it a little over four. The rash is something I have had in relation to Epstein Barr virus that has plagued me for more than twenty...
  3. I can't believe I managed to stay away from here for so long. You all got me through some of my darkest hours in the early days of my recovery. Things have been going so well. I have been on a steady road to recovery for many years now with...
  4. Uh, tons wrong with it! We get into so much trouble when we try to outsmart the innate intelligent our bodies possess. Lack of clear thinking gives the (P)harmaceutical industry the opening to exploit our lack of total understanding. If...
  5. chasbari

    Sun Sensitivity

    In the early days of my recovery (and leading up to it for many years) I seemed to have lost the ability to handle any sun exposure. I would burn easily and had to be very cautious. Have they been monitoring your vitamin D levels as you...
  6. I know I haven't been around here much in the last year or so but that's because things have been going relatively well. I was a bit discouraged for a time because my gastroenterologist, whom I trusted so very much during my whole diagnosis...
  7. chasbari

    My Prediction

    And yet, here I am after a very rough stretch of days. Granted, It is nowhere near as bad as it used to be .. but... Ate some organic stuff that slipped under the radar as far as having some ingredients I haven't had for years. Honest mistake...
  8. chasbari

    My Prediction

    Long time since I have been hanging around here. I miss everyone and all the passion and support that got me through the darkest times in all of this. I agree with so much of what you are saying. I hate to hear the old standby suggestion...
  9. I understand the emotional turmoil. It's odd when you appear to be ok to everyone.. at least by some sort of minimalist standard, when you know that nothing is working right. It's enough to make you crazy at times. Then, when the doctors...
  10. chasbari

    Celiac Cost Me Everything

    I can relate to so much of your pain and I cry for you a bit today. You have been one of the very important people in my life as I have struggled to recover from this. You are an angel here on earth and I only know you through this forum...
  11. chasbari

    New Symptoms Milk Problem?

    Just have to throw this out there for what it's worth. I have been using raw dairy now to great effect for 4 months. I was not able to get to the farm (out of state) recently so I decided to try some Kefir from the local health food store...
  12. Dairy is pasteurized thus potentially causing problems for many. When I switched to raw dairy I no longer had problems. That's just me though. I have good cows and a good farmer. Not saying that will be the case for everyone. It is expensive...
  13. chasbari

    Andy Murray Article

    Thanks for the support. That's why I love this place so much. I was worried I was over reacting at first but am learning I have to educationally verbal as I advocate for the cause. The level of other comments on that article just reminds...
  14. the article My sister tipped me off to this. I left my comment at the end. Author's take has me a bit steamed.
  15. I was pale and prone to burning when I was at my worst healthwise. As I have recovered and vitamin levels have returned to more normal ranges I have found that my overall color has gotten much better. I received a number of comments to this...