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  1. In the early days of my recovery (and leading up to it for many years) I seemed to have lost the ability to handle any sun exposure. I would burn easily and had to be very cautious. Have they been monitoring your vitamin D levels as you recover? I was put on megadoses of D3 and still my D levels were not adequately recovering. When I added a lot of healthy fats and cholesterol from trusted sources, pastured butter, coconut oil and lots of pastured eggs and stayed away from vegetable fats like crisco, corn oil, canola oil, soy oil, cottonseed oil, my D levels began to rise and I was able to beg
  2. I pop a few or three raw eggs before the workout and a few after. Then throw in a little raw coconut with some cocoa mixed in with a bit of coconut oil as a chaser. Then it's meat and veggies a little later on. I was having some fruit as well but discovered today that by skipping the fruit I feel a lot better. Have gained a few pounds these last few weeks on this and all maximums have been climbing too. Keeping it all natural.
  3. Lost two maternal aunts to pancreatic cancer. My mom is the lone sister to not have it so far but I have seen all the signs of celiac in her even though she tested negative after my diagnosis. I was also serum negative but positive by biopsy. My father in law had pancreatic cancer. I cannot get my wife to take this as a sign to have the whole family go gluten free even though the kids tested negative after my dx. I have seen the pancreatic link in my nephew who was recently diagnosed with Diabetes after severe weight loss and neuropathy. I suspect there may be a much stronger link to all of th
  4. After my first blush reaction of a glimmer of hope.. and I am the ultimate skeptic.. I settled down to reality and can only say "Amen!' to the above. Ameliorating symptoms is what delayed the proper diagnosis in the first place.. "Western Medicine's trade off game." I reserve the right to use that phrase over and over. So right on!
  5. Sounds like your doctor is working backwards. I had a negative blood panel and a very positive biopsy that was ordered because of very compelling anecdotal evidence that overrode the negative blood work. The biopsy overrules the negative blood work as already cited above as the biopsy is considered the gold standard for diagnosis. i think you will find many here have experienced the same thing. CS
  6. Yep, caused me trouble from the beginning. I removed it early on...dumb luck on my part, I guess.
  7. I live in a non gluten free home with five gluten eaters and myself. My wife bakes and cooks all the time. We have a small kitchen and are careful about shared spaces. I just had my first issue with glutening since going gluten-free in November of 2008 yesterday and it came from my carelessly forgetting about what I had read on a label some months ago. There are crumbs sometimes, the smell of chocolate chip cookies or pepperoni rolls or some other baked good wafting through the house too many times for me..it's downright torture sometimes mentally but I have never had a problem with reacting o
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