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  1. DakotaRN

    How/why Did You Choose Your Member Name?

    I have lived in North Dakota all my life and I am a Registered Nurse. So that's how I choose my name DakotaRN.
  2. Saw it yesterday. It was great!
  3. DakotaRN

    Any Gluten-Free Bisquick Mix Sightings?

    Found it in WalMart in Minot, ND.
  4. DakotaRN


    Thanks for the info. I recieved the same med when refilling my script for Yaz and was concerned that it wouldn't be...
  5. DakotaRN

    As The Stomach Turns! A Soap Opera

    Little does anyone realize that the toilet paper come from the discreet buttler TP Charmin who is in love with the maid...
  6. DakotaRN

    Joining The Crowd

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Kids are awesome.
  7. DakotaRN

    Recovering Celiacs With Demanding Lives

    I am an RN in a Long term care facility. I know how you are feeling. I was diagnosed in Jan. I have learned to take...
  8. DakotaRN

    Hubby Cooked Me Dinner.

    For sweet. Gotta love 'em.
  9. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  10. DakotaRN

    30th Wedding Anniversary

    Congratulations!!! We will celebrate our 30th in May. Have a wonderful anniversary and many many more!
  11. DakotaRN

    I'm A Proud Momma!

  12. I haven't been able to find them yet and I looked yesterday.
  13. I live in rural ND and the nearest stores that have gluten-free foods is 60 miles away and I have noticed that they are...
  14. I really feel for you. I know this is very overwhelming but you have found this site. It has a lot of wonderful information...