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  1. It all started for me around July 3rd.I assumed I was just getting a flu or virus.My nephew whos 5 had been vomiting and diarrhea terribly.Lasted him 6 days. I began with sharp pains at the top of my stomache just under the breast bone.It persisted for 10 days.Kind of a stabbing pain at the top part.Few days into those symptoms it was accompanied by nausea really bad. It then turned one night into an overwhelming feeling that I had to puke (like with a flu) and I did.2 times in 1 half hr and the vomiting never came back.The stabbing pains dissipated somewhere around the 10 day mark. It began feeling like a know on the left side under the rib cage. I could feel this knot in the intestines in a small area maybe no bigger than a quarter. I then began having sore crampy feelings in my stomache....random spots....all over but they were not stabbing anymore. I also always found myself rubbing the middle of my stomache in the 2 inch space above the belly button. Well I had diarrhea 1 or 2 times around the vomiting time and that stopped.I thought it was over.I just continued with intestinal pains.Until August 5th. The diarrhea came on and has not stoppes since.It has been 8 days.Everytime I eat it is back out within 2 mins. 2 days after Aug 5th I went to the ER ( and I have no Insurance) I knew they weret going to help me (except for the IV but needed it and was looking forward to testing. They did CBC liver function and kidney function test.No signs of infection.Did a parasite test called O&P (NEGATIVE) and GIARDIA (NEGATIVE) and C DIFFICILE ( NEGATIVE) here i am not knowing what to do or where to turn for answers especially with no insurance.I have been taking probiotics and trying to take Grapefruit seed extract ( supposedly it may kill stuff)I just started gluten free but feel thats not the problem it all came on so sudden and vicious....BESIDES I just ate gluten free and I still had the doarrhea 2 mins later. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi, does anyone know what kind or where to buy good gluten free and Dairy free chicken broth? I see tons of gluten free ones but not both dairy and gluten Thanks
  3. I am trying to follow a elimination diet that i started yesterday,I am trying to recognize on my own what else may be bothering me ( i heard this elimination diet can be more useful than Elisa Allergy tests)I am frustrated already as I do not know what to eat.I am avoiding dairy, gluten, corn, caffeine.....I took the few things that i feel may be a problem not sure. anyhow I am already destraught as to what to eat during my avoidance diet.I keep getting this ringing in my ears and it could be anything but I just ate some carrots with artichoke, basil dip that I made and the terrible ringing began. I dont usually eat carrots or artichoke and its healthy and not highly allergy foods so i cant figure out why.....I figured if anything my elimination diet will reveal dairy issues and maybe thats a big sumptom but I just started and I havent even got anywhere yet and carrots and artichoke is setting off the ringing???? any feedback from others who have ever had this
  4. can anyone share info with me on depression and what there personal experiences were with it.How did they get better,drugs, diet, or combination......or any other stories of any kind on depression....I liek to read what i can on it from others who had dealt with this evil thing Thanks
  5. Tired of being sick N' tired Im beginning 2 hate Dr's

  6. So when u had this test done was that when you found you have an adrenal issue? I dont know what else she would be testing (alsterone or not) she said acth test to check how my adrenals function. She did mention the other test (insulin one) and she did say it is dangerous. I am scared of this one too though because there injecting something to make my adrenals work (or respond) I dont do well with bodily things that are induced I get scared and anxiety.What exactly did u feel when u had it done? are your adrenals ok now? did they find addisons or any other adrenal stuff? Oh and no I am not on cortisone or anything just ambien for sleep (wich I HATE)
  7. I was wondering if anyone knows about this stuff. I had a test done (a saliva test) to check the adrenals and was told I have adrenal insufficiency. This was through a naturopathic Dr. My primary care Dr office (well endocrinologist) wants me to do a test for the adrenals called acth stim test. This is something where Synthetic cortisol is injected and they measure something with the response of the adrenals. This is too see how bad off the adrenals are she said. The only thing is that I hear that they are only checking for the worse case scenario like (addisons) They do not recognize any other result. Anyone had this and can explain. Also is IT SAFE? The Dr says yes but I really dont trust too much of what they say anymore. Was just curious what the test will say and its covered by Insurance but I am scared if its going to put me in a kinda "fight ot flight mode" kinda like when you are experiencing something for real that raises cortisol your heart pounds and you feel scared. Panicky.
  8. Thanks for your response. I know that I should be avoiding this stuff, I do also have other issues that I was going to direct to the Dr too wich is I dont sleep and if I happen to It is unrestful sleep and also have adrenal issues. I am a little scared that maybe i damaged my sleep more because I have been on Ambien long term and I am trying to detox myself from it now. It has been 8 days but its been hell off of it. I had had Dr;s personally tell me thid drug is BAD and to get off of it but sleeplessness is no joke and doesnt give me the strength to make it through all of this nonsense on top of it. So I hear you with the diet thing.I wonder if they can get me on track with sleep. Melatonin doesnt work for me either. So about you, you had a lot wrong and now your fine? all from avoiding gluten? Thanks
  9. Im curious what others think would be the best decision right now for me. Just looking for advice. I have suffered forever with some form of not feeling well throughout life. Either bouts of sore throats, pneumonia, bronchitis, and other "itis"s unknown. I went through teen years with severe acne that i had to take an antibiotic long term to get rid of it and it eventually did. Depression has been present through my whole life its just getting worse now as I get older. I am 31 now. I have never medicated the depression ever. I was too scared to try it ( not sure of all the reasons why but I didnt) Now I am becoming desperate and need to get my self together these days because it is all escalating. I was told 9 months ago buy enterolabs that I too have a gluten intolerance and casein, Those were all I tested for. So there might be more. I never did faithfully stick to it because I am a doubter and cant hang to a restricted lifestyle to long. Thats scary because I am desperate and want to be better more than anything in the world but I am so highly addicted to this food. I also tried The Body ecology Diet 1 year before these diagnosis and it was where you give up all sugar, gluten, dairy, and some others and you combine your food acid/alkaline categories.....she says its proper food combining.Plus she highly emphasisis kefir from milk or coconut water if allergic to milk and raw cultered veggies. She says these are the healers that will heal the gut and intestines and that this is why we have food sensitivites in the first place -froma leaky gut and bad bacteria. I did have gut issues clear with that but couldnt continue. I was 125 pounds and went to 105 and it wasnt stopping. Anyhow I will get to my questions and point. I do have money issues but went into a small savings last year just to pay for a Integrative Dr to go to who is suppose to be excellent. Needless to say i spent 1,000 cash and went home being told to do the same thing before that I did before and gave up wich was go Gluten, casein, dairy, sugar and yeast free. I was given Opti Cleanse, grapefruit seed extract and told to take probiotics. I ddidnt go back because I was told to do again much of what i could have and have done some of that on my own already. I have another appt at a New office Dec 21 it is cheaper there but still money, I am afraid if I go there gonna say we really dont know how to proceed with you until you go home and go gluten, casein, sugar and yeast free I feel maybe I shouldnt go there til I did all those things for a few weeks so I can report back to them and be one step ahead so i am not repeating stuff to do. What do any of you think? Should I do that and just push the appt a few weeks ahead so I can have a few weeks of being completely clean of those things in my diet? Not sure why they are so adimant about seeing me after I do those things I did them before with no real improvement. I didnt do it too long but I tried I am very confused as to what to do. Sometimes I think I have to do alot of the main work myself. I am also thinking if I do have other food sensitivities they wont be able to find them if I avoid all of this stuff before being tested. SOOOOOOOOO Confused! sorry so long and thank you for any advice any of you may have
  10. I have a few questions if any one out there can help it w ould be great. I am suspecting food sensitivities.....well I did have a test through enterolabs that showed a gluten sensitivvity and mild casein. I want to see if i have others so i can avoid them so I can heal and feel somewhat normal again.i alsio have adrenal fatigue and itis my understanding that i wont heal the adrenals if i continue to consume my sensitiviites.I just read the adrenal Fatigue 21st century stress syndrome book and i hear about the Metametrix food panel Elisa test....he also talked about detecting these sensitivitie sna d allergies yourself by avoiding then documenting then adding things back....confusing! i want to know if the panel test although expensive (and cant afford it right now) would be a quicker, more helpful, less stressful way then the other? I want to know if it is more accurate or if anyone has done the detective work themselves with success.It seems hard and dont know if I am making it harder than it is. I hate food right what is comes down to. Please Help if you have been down this road before. also I do have hypoglycemia issues with to much carbs ( white stuff) so i am trying to eat more i ate eggs with sauteed veggies for breakfast and was exhausted and foggy within 5 minutes of eating it.I guess it was the eggs. I dont know what to do anymore or how and what to eat so i dont die from avoiding everything
  11. its an apt cmplex we live in and ride acrioss from each other.....I wonder the same thing how did she see my whole place ????? BINOCULARS plus my blinds are not constantly closed. Its not obsession its annoyance.
  12. I hear ya....maybe I will keep adding my creativity.....but I get sick of the copying .....I like to be unique and i hate competition!!!! Because evrything I do here is the best and I am always complimented.....she has a nature about her where she wants to take that away so she becomes the best....I just ahte stupid jealous Bitches! OOOOOPPSSS did I say that B...... word, can I say that on here?
  13. I am looking for advice and what you wrote i donrt necessarily Dont wnat to hear all.I may be stupid for letting her stupid ways get to me because it is a pet peeve to me howver when you say: that I am looking for an excuse to be angry with her, and you're choosing her decor as the object of your rage. IS WRONG. I am angry with her from her past when she started hating me first and she began tons of trouble behind my back when I had nothing to do with I then in turn resent her ways more because she has created tons of problems in the past with other neighbors (she would lie about me as to turn people against me) AND yes I DO! You said "Don't you have your own life to live? Aren't there more important things to do with your energy?" This is my pet peeve and I am sure you got your own. You also said :It really sounds to me like what she is doing is absolutely harmless--and what you are doing is more obsessive than what she is doing." You sound like you are a little off line by saying I am being obsessive and she isnt. I came here to vent and thats what I am doing.....I am clearly the sane one hear and it bothers me that SHE seems so obsessive and competiitive with someone she hates back. And about your comment with the decor web site: your right there is a channel for that but its not ny channel and I would be embarassed and see a problem with someone who lives 10 ft across from me and there house inside and out mimicks mine.Its a small complex we live in and you do see in when your lights are turned on....we are too close together. lastly i am petty for letting her urck me but atleast I am sane. She does mimick everything and not kinda...its all the same just maybe opposite colors.
  14. if so did you like it? I want to do this on my face i hear it is great takes away tons of stuff I guess your just left with a fresher clean look. Any god and bad experiences are welcomed.