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  1. Yes ive been trying to get some help figuring out what it could be. Its been months and im getting no ideas at all from doctors. They look at me like im wasting their time, im so fed up of it but too ill to give up. The candida diet has really helped so im guessing thats a part of it. What other conditions cause the same as coeliacs? Any help is greatly appreciated as im going around in circles at the moment. Thanks
  2. Thankyou all for replying. With your advice i just searched the uk coeliac site and they say i need to eat gluten four times a day for a minimum of six weeks! to get a clear positive diagnosis. I feel sick and incredibly angry that he put me through all that, treated me like scum on his shoe and let me leave thinking i was cured. Im more angry with myself as i was very unsure of this man and still let him treat me, despite his diabolical attitude as it took so long to get to see a gastroenterologist, and i have private insurance too! At least the diet im on doesnt allow gluten so i havnt eaten any more based on his incompetence. Now all i need to do is find someone who knows what they are doing..... how do you know though..it seems to be pot luck and thousands of pounds/ months of ill health down the toilet roulette!!!! Will have to glean the positive thought that if a trained medical specialist is so stupid that they cant figure this out then i must be a genius!!!! Hah!
  3. Hi there, I suspect a similar diagnosis for myself aswell. Asfar as i know it is incredibly dificult to get yeast/candida sorted by just removing yeast so the results should show if there is a problem with it. Some people have a yeast allergy which would be improved by just removing yeast alone i guess. Do you live in the UK? Im desperately looking for a doctor in the uk that will test for candida...please let me know if you find one! Good luck with it all, Heidi
  4. Hi, Ive had this for so long i thought it was normal but recently discovered that it can be caused by yeast overgrowth in the ear/nose/throat passages. For me i believe its related to having a candida issue which i cant get a scientific diagnosis for as its yet another doctor minefield in the UK, but its worth looking into. I believe in america/ canada its easy to get this checked out. Interestingly, the first symptoms of yeast overgrowth are gluten sensitivity, leading on to other food sensitivities, which is what happened to me. Ive just had my coeliac dignosis removed after 10 years as it turns out it wasnt that after all. Im improving on a candida program now. Hope that helps! Heidi
  5. Hi everyone, I was diagnosed coeliac 10 years ago and adhered to the gluten free diet completely. I improved but i never felt well and got fobbed off by doctors saying it takes time to heal..blah blah... for so long that i stopped seeking their opinion. In short my health very slowly got worse and worse until eventually last year i was worse than when i got the initial diagnosis. I was having similar reactions to the gluten reactions from dairy, chemicals, nightshade veg, soya, corn, sugar, eggs and alcohol. I wrote a detailed food diary to help me figure out what i was okay on but still remain really tired most of the time. I had to give up my job as a therapist for autistic kids who also have similar problems as im facing now ironically. I used to help them with their diets and now its happening to me too. I found a website which proposed a gut healing program for candida/general health problems and began to follow it with great improvement. I spent months trying to get help from my doctor and finally saw a gastroenterologist who tested me for coeliacs again. He refused to test me for candida saying the british medical profession dont believe it exists! Oh and that adults cant get food allergies..only chldren can!!! My coeliacs results came back clear, biopsies taken after eating gluten for 6-7 days. Can this be right that i no longer have it? Did he advise me to eat gluten for long enough to show a reaction? I didnt get gut reactions from the gluten but i got wierd in the head like i was drunk all the time and confused and irritated. Same as i get from all the other foods above. Same as all my autistic clients got too. He just got rid of me when i last saw him and refused to help me any further....im at a loss as to what to think now after 10 years of being coeliac, now im suddenly not ( in his opinion) but i dont know what i do have! I can ask for a second opinion but i dont know of a good gastro to ask to see in the UK. It may be something completely different but unless i ask for the specialists my doctor wont refer me. Does anyone have any advice at all? Thanks for reading. Heidi
  6. Its so frustrating isnt it!! I hope you find someone with that link. Im in the UK and im really struggling to find answers and the doctors are treating me so badly i leave in tears every time. I know its complicated but they could at least treat us with respect! Does anyone have any links for doctors in the UK?
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