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  1. redsidekick

    Myrtle Beach gluten-free Options!

    Went to Captain George's Buffet last night & agree with SMRI. Great experience. The manager walked me through the...
  2. I was dxd with Celiac about 3 years ago and after what was a long healing process, I felt great, with minor slip ups...
  3. It took me months to finally feel normal again (but I had major GI issues). This place was a source of comfort reading...
  4. I am a teacher, and wasn't exactly "there" last year when I was going through the intense symptoms, fear of what was...
  5. Beginning my 15th month gluten free. Started to feel myself again around the ninth month of GFD. Every so often I don...
  6. I have expereinced the same issues. Was not an initial symptom of mine, but the rumbles began happening about 1 month...
  7. What would you suggest as the best breadmaker to buy with gluten free flours? How much does the machine run?
  8. redsidekick

    Chilis's New Menu

    I also thought that the orignial bbq sauce for the ribs were ok. Really hope that hasnt changed. The Chillis near...
  9. redsidekick


    A bunch of my H.S. friends want to get together. They know about my celiac and would like to know if rodizio (brazilian...
  10. One of the best things about this site is that when you are in your "part of the world" what you are dealing with is...
  11. redsidekick

    One Year In

    It was about a year ago I was dxd with celiac. Over the past year I found great encouragement in reading posts that...
  12. redsidekick

    Retirement Banquet

    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.
  13. redsidekick

    Retirement Banquet

    I was dxd with Celiac a year ago. Next month will be a retirement dinner for one of my bosses. It will be buffet style...
  14. I remember going to visit a friend for brunch within the the first month of my d'xd. I told my wife how embarrassed...
  15. Sadly, it is different for each person. I know I used to get depressed reading how quickly some people felt better....