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  1. I am starting a new branch of the GIG in the Romoeville,Plainfield area, we are hoping to have our first meeting in September! If you are interested in joining or know of local businesses willing to host us please let me know!! Thanks for your support! Elizabeth glutenfreelizzi@live.com
  2. lizzibug21

    Wendys Frostys

    I eat frostys ALOT more often then I should, and haven't had any issues
  3. lizzibug21

    Ft. Myers

    I am taking my first Gluten Free vacation since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease 6 months ago.. I will be staying in Ft. Myers and plan on traveling to Captiva as well. I have spent a great deal of time in the area, but never gluten-free. Can anyone give me any suggestions? I am especially looking for some Key Lime pie...my florida fave! Thanks