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    (Celiac, dairy/soy intolerant, Fibromyalgia)
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  1. First things first: are you sure you aren't getting cross-contaminated somewhere? Gluten creeping into your diet could...
  2. I suppose having short fingers, or one that's super short, could be a sign of stunted growth which could be a sign of...
  3. Hi Meg, I was in a somewhat similar situation before I went gluten free: lost a bunch of weight very quickly (I...
  4. Pretty sure my vitamin levels are fine (have been supplementing daily, everything looked good at my last test), though...
  5. sorry to keep this very old thread going, but I was about the start a post on the very same subject. Just the other...
  6. Pegleg84

    Magnesium and nightmares

    Jumping back in on this topic. I've started taking my magnesium earlier in the evening rather than shortly before...
  7. Pegleg84

    Little C

    Oy, that is not fun. I'd go super uber strict for a month or so. cut out all processed stuff (or as much as humanly...
  8. Pegleg84

    Magnesium and nightmares

    Really!? Well, that could explain a few things. I started taking magnesium/calcium supplements regularly a few months...
  9. Pegleg84

    Weight Gain!

    I always laugh when people say they're going gluten free to lose weight. HA! tell that to the +10lbs I lost in a...
  10. I also never had a formal diagnosis, but due to symptoms and family history, I do and will always consider myself having...
  11. Pegleg84


    I can't image any kind of large scale bakery pulling it off. Probably would be a tough crumbly lump of disappointment...
  12. Pegleg84


    Hi All, I just got back from my first visit to Montreal in a couple years, and had to report back. STUFF IS HAPPENING...
  13. Hi ScarlettsDad, Sorry such a slow reply to this, but I also live in Toronto and definitely have a few safe suggestions...
  14. Chiming in here as one of those people without a confirmed diagnosis. I did have blood tests done a couple times which...
  15. Pegleg84

    Missing Beer

    I am such a sucker for this question (and may be that member, or one of them at least ): Answer, if you can find...