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  1. hi there, ive ahd GA for about 6 years now and as with most others i was initially prescribed with cortizones to clear it up. this worked a bit in the beginning and then failed to work any more. I have tried the candida diet with various levels of strictness and notice that this at least stops the infected areas (the neck, shoulders and around both elbows) from looking more agressive. ie they no longer look red. however this is quite hard to stick to and i usually lapse after time. also this appears not to work totally - though this could be my lack of sticking to the diet too, which i have not fully committed to longer than 8 plus weeks. i am currently looking/thinking of 2 different treatments 1) celiac diet? 2) collidal treatment (which i dont know much about) anyway perhaps thats of some help or perhaps somebody can make a suggestion? thanks..
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