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  1. Just in the past 10 or so years, there are thousands more micro-distilleries and micro-breweries all over the North America. Why don't these farmers start growing more heirloom grains--both gluten-free and non--for culinary purposes, while rounding out their portfolios with the grains that brewers...
  2. Not sure why half of a spaghetti squash would have fewer overall calories than a thin, corn tortilla... but okay.
  3. <eyeroll> Did this guy actually say ANYTHING TANGIBLE? </eyeroll>
  4. In light of our ongoing discussion about "natural flavoring" and barleymalt, etc appearing in foods that do not specifically enumerate them on the label... https://www.seriouseats.com/2020/12/diacetyl-when-buttery-goodness-breaks-bad.html I've despised microwave popcorn since living with...
  5. So... there's a MOLE in the group?! Too bad they're not a MOLÈ. [ahem!] ~sc'Que?
  6. The gluten-free knockoffs (and also original Hydrox🤣) are simply not up to snuf--.errr... STUFF.
  7. You'd think by now.... C'mon, @Nabisco, step it up! Double-stuff style!
  8. Knitty Kitty, this very well may be the MOST HELPFUL THING I've ever read in these forums! I wish there was this much specificity in some of the articles so that it all pieced together better. They do not (or did not, at least) teach this stuff in high school. And if you weren't in the right major...
  9. So when <unknown trigger #1> gets triggered, the body floods with histamine. And one of the responses could be a release of tryptophan? I've been experiencing a strange reaction to <something> that I cannot seem to pin down. I don't think it's gluten. But something/s are causing...
  10. COFFEE, COFFEE BUZZBUZZBUZZ! is literally the only "phoofie" ice cream flavor I've ever really enjoyed. Of course, NO ONE STOCKS IT anymore where I live (central Pennsylvania), but it's nice to know. In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to keep buying Talenti gluten-free gelati flavors: Pistachio...
  11. My comment would be that they may correlate for someone who is bipolar, but not necessarily for someone who does not experience bipolar tendencies. For me, I just get borderline "confused" and cannot focus. But I do not get the wild mood/personality swings.
  12. Big Hank, you're not likely to find them in a supermarket. If anywhere, a big-city Asian market. But even then, they will probably be stashed behind the counter, and you will pay buku bucks. THEY ARE NOT CHEAP.
  13. I would offer that it would be helpful to clarify the source of such news/science articles as well as to point out the differences in legality between the source country and the site. [Is Celiac.com a US-based company? Canada? (It's times like this when I wish we just had a global community and...