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  1. Been gluten-free since 2009, minus a few accidents. And I've felt mostly great during those 10+yrs. I get a lot of steps in at a high-paced restaurant job, I eat well most days per week and I exercise multiple days/wk during the summer. The thing that I do that is the most unhealthy is that I...
  2. Thank you, @Posterboy! I won't go into the details, but after 10 yrs of gluten-free diet, I began getting flare-ups that I was associating with environmental mold--which may not be incorrect, but may also be exacerbated by the thiamine issue. A long series of reading, paying attention to dreams...
  3. Why does that last section (Foods that Contain Gluten) seem like it was "tacked onto" the rest of the article?
  4. Best non-science article I've ever seen on Celiac.com--hands-down! Well written and easily translates to other situations where groupthink causes problems. (We seem to have an entire country battling over this notion right now.) THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS and THANK YOU to the editors for publishing...
  5. Kudos, Teach! (Yet another reason why teachers are drastically underpaid in America.)
  6. I would like someone to better explain the interplay between genetic predispoal to Celiac... in relation/concert to the sort of information in this article. It is very confusing for moderately science-savvy readers to understand where the line between nature and nurture lies. PLEASE HELP CLARIFY...
  7. Yes, Jeff, but we all know that lesser-educated folks will read this sort of thing and draw their own conclusions. Which is what WE ALL HERE are railing against. Articles like the one in question do nothing but dilute the reliable information that is available online to every single person who chooses...
  8. To use an example I think we can all relate to: I have no problem using a stainless pan that's been washed with soap and water after cooking glutenous pasta. But I would not make the same concession for a cast-iron pan (or wok) that never touches soap... and certainly not a multi-tasking cutting...
  9. As a gluten-free Epicurean, I have no qualms about eating moderate amounts of processed foods. BUT WHEN I BUY SOMETHING--SPEND MY MONEY ON IT--I EXPECT THE UTMOST QUALITY per the pricepoint. There are things I can't afford--such as the Mariposa line mentioned above. (But I might splurge, we'll see...
  10. I've been gluten-free (out of necessity) since about 2008. In that time, I've seen the gluten-free category explode with options. I was very lucky to "come of age gluten-free" when I did. That said, I feel like I'm seeing a drop in quality products from store shelves. The brands that produce truly...
  11. While I agree that everyone should read ingredient labels to determine what they are putting in their biome, you simply do not understand what gluten is and how a still/alambic works. Your sentiment is clearly not on the side of SCIENCE because you haven't taken the time to educate yourself on the...
  12. CyclingLady, thank you for posting this poignant followup from Dr. Fasano!
  13. Fluttering of the lower abdomen was THE SYMPTOM that forced me to start looking into why I was feeling bad. And once I cut gluten, the fluttering stopped. Anecdotal and certainly base at that! But abdominal fluttering and anemia were the symptoms that convinced me that my problem was worth investigating...