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    sc'Que? reacted to Rakdan in Why Do So Many Women Get Celiac Disease?   
    Here's something to contemplate. Maybe women are more...
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    sc'Que? got a reaction from Mr. Pep'r in Top Seven Misconceptions About the Gluten-Free Lifestyle   
    I'll be honest (and I almost never do this): I didn't...
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    sc'Que? reacted to healthysquirrel in Gluten in Foods Labeled 'Gluten-Free' an Ongoing Problem   
    I’m sorry, but these articles are not helpful without pr...
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    sc'Que? reacted to Ennis_TX in Can a New Gluten-Free Cricket-Flour Cookbook Turn Americans on to Eating Bugs?   
    Amusingly insects fed a gluten diet and ground into a...
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