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  1. Pikakegirl - good luck with your cardiologist appointment. It's really amazing that we have to push so hard to get answers, but I hope you can find some more! SVT isn't uncommon for people with POTS...they can certainly co-exist, but that often makes diagnosis challenging. Please make sure that...
  2. I do appreciate your clarification, although I will say that if your POTS can be fixed by a tablespoon of soy sauce, it was not true POTS in the first place. Dysautonomia is a big deal. Sodium can help some with low blood volume or low blood pressure in some people, but let's not recklessly...
  3. Not asking for advice. I've done thousands of hours of research on health in general - hundreds and hundreds in dysautonomia and POTS, I have a leading doctor, and am taking in 10 grams of salt per day (as recommended), and am not yet well enough to take care of myself, so I'll be starting medication...
  4. Looks like I haven't been on here for about 4 years...hoping the next chapter in my story will help someone along the way. I was diagnosed with celiac disease by biopsy in 2009 after a number of years of trouble. I carefully nixed gluten, then went paleo, then went on the Wahls Protocol - each...
  5. Are any of you familiar with and/or trying the Wahls protocol? Dr. Wahls is an MD with MS that is treating herself through diet. Her story is incredible, and I think has great implications for Celiac Disease and other autoimmune disorders. Her TED talk is here: After limited recovery...
  6. I have gone through very similar times, with idiopathic chronic hives/angioedema. My allergist thought it might be autoimmune because all my allergy tests came back negative. I was also tested for all sorts of autoimmune but they have all come back fine too. Several years went by after my first remission from hives and I relapsed. I have posted what I did to go back in remission, please rea...

  7. Going to attempt gluten-free beer battered fish tacos! First shot at it... fingers are crossed. =)
  8. Peter - understood and agreed for the most part. I hope you could tell that my post had a touch of cynicism and a healthy, large grain of salt. Interestingly, the link was provided by some pro-soy people who would WANT to see soy. That being said, I definitely mean to point out in the mix that...
  9. Can you tolerate soy? Ok, this is weird-maybe way out there, but something I've wondered about. I'm absolutely not credentialed to talk about this, but I wanted to throw it out there and see what y'all had to say. I came across a website selling soy-free eggs (Whaaaa? They must be selling something...
  10. Is this 100 or more topic still up somewhere? I've tried using the search function and can't find it... link, anyone? =)