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  1. A little background, I cannot tolerate artifical sweeteners like those in diet drinks and candies. They upset my stomach very badly. I am seeing Stevia pop up in certain foods and I'm wondering 1) if it is generally considered safe for celiacs and 2) if it is like regular sugar as far as effects on the body and digestion. I have no problem with regular cane sugar but I'm allergic to corn (ie corn syrup) and I can't do anything artificial. From what I've read Stevia isn't artificial but I can't really tell anything else about it other than that. Thanks for any help!
  2. Does anyone have experience with the 365 Everyday Value essential oils from Whole Foods? I purchased the 100% pure peppermint oil but it is not labelled gluten free and multiple calls to the company have gotten me no responses. I have no idea about oils and if they are something that could or would be cross-contaminated and if this brand is known to be safe or troublesome? Thanks in advance!
  3. I am trying to figure out what I got glutened from and I'm very confused about this product. I looked online and the FAQs say all Imodium products are gluten free except for Imodium complete. I can't figure out what that product is so I alled the company and they said that's what the Multi Symptom USED to be called. He said that the multi symptom does not contain gluten ingredients but they don't test and can't guarantee. This is so frustrating so I'm looking for any personal experience. I'm desperate to figure out what got me this time.
  4. AngieJoy did you have any luck finding gluten free or certified gluten free Epsom salts? I'm extremely sensitive to cross contamination and can't seem to use ANYTHING that's not verified. Epsom salt baths significantly help my rls and muscle spasms when I get glutened but I want to make sure I can find and use soemthing safe for me. I'm disgusted at how rude some of these comments have been towards your very legitimate question. I am only wish I wasn't this sensitive and didn't have to check everything I ingest, touch, bathe in, put on my face or inhale but such is my life. And I am part of a good support group of people who are mostly even more sensitive than I am. Any info on the Epsom salts would be totally appreciated!
  5. Nature's Domain Dog Food Ok?

    Thank you cyclinglady. My dog doesn't do well with grains anyway either so it works out. I have been giving her my leftover meat in her kong for treats as well. I never got glutened from Her ild food but it started to make her sick so I had to switch and I've heard good things about natures domains thanks!
  6. Nature's Domain Dog Food Ok?

    Maybe we have different levels of sensitivity, I have gotten incredibly sick from pet treats and chewable pet antibiotics. In pet food they can even use wheat starch and label it gluten free or grain free. My dog is all over my couch and bed and we snuggle a lot- if it's on her face its bound to get on mine.
  7. Does anybody have experience with Kirkland's natures domain dog food? Particularly the yellow bag of beef and sweet potato flavor. They are rain free dog foods but I know you can't be certain of some of the other ingreidents when it comes to pet products.
  8. Trouble With Aleve?

    Oh god no I never eat out! Ever. I pack all my food ahead of time and take it all in an ice chest. My boyfriend stays entirely gluten free with me for the whole trip as well. I absolutely cannot figure out where it's come from.
  9. Does anyone here have trouble with Aleve? I know that there are no gluten ingredients in the caplets but the company says that due to cross contamination their product might not be suitable for celiacs. However all of the threads I've found on it are very old but have many Celiacs saying they've never had a problem with it. I am trying to identify what I got glutened with last week. I usually take the kirkland vrand aleve which are labelled gluten free and have never caused a problem but I was on a trip and took name brand aleve for 2 or 3 days in a row and symptoms popped up. It could have been something else though, I'm losing my mind trying to figure this out.
  10. While not EVERYONE reacts to oats a lot of us do and most doctors and reputable celiac websites will tell you to stay away from them unless they are 100% gluten free grown and processed. Because of this I say it is absolute BS for a product to be labeled gluten free when it contains something known to make many celiacs react. I've heard of celiacs that don't react to a certain wheat product but do to others - that doesn't mean its safe and that doesn't mean something with wheat should be labeled gluten free! Besides that fact, it also contains barley so the point is almost moot anyway.
  11. The product also contains Barley - obviously Nerium is NOT gluten free. This is the day cream I'm talking about, not the night cream. I was finally able to get ahold of the one person at t he company that is educated on ingredients to speak with her. She claims that they have tested the product and that it's gluten free. She could not tell me who tested it, when they tested it, whether they test each batch or only one time and when I asked how many ppm it tested to she said she had no idea what I was talking about. I explained to her and she says she is going to find out and call me back. Although I'm not sure who she will find out from since SHE Is touted as the company's expert on ingredients. I don't need any more info, the simple fact is that the product is labeled gluten free despite having oats and barley and I got very sick from it. They have not heard the end of this from me.
  12. Bartfull the main question I have I think is what is really the difference between corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup? I have googled it but don't really understand the answers. I KNOW that I cannot have corn syrup. But I still drink sodas and I don't know if the HFCS has more or less corn derivitive than regular corn syrup? I know the caramel color is bad too but I'm seriously addicted to caffeine and until I work it out I am curious how much the HFCS is affecting me.
  13. I will for sure although I already know in my heart the answer. From what I'm reading about the company online today they are awful and use toxic ingredients. I will never use it again but I at least want them to refund the hundreds of dollars I've spent on their supposedly gluten free products.
  14. That is what I will switch to until I can figure out a solution.
  15. That's where I'm at too! It's very hard for me to keep weight on.