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  1. I am trying to figure out what I got glutened from and I'm very confused about this product. I looked online and the FAQs say all Imodium products are gluten free except for Imodium complete. I can't figure out what that product is so I alled the company and they said that's what the Multi Symptom...
  2. I just got home from my monthly CSA support group meeting and it was reported there that Pepsi and Coke and other cola products, while technically gluten free actually test at 18ppm because of the carmel coloring. I understand that anything under 20 ppm can be considered gluten free but a lot of...
  3. 33 days til my gluten free wedding :)

  4. 33 days til my gluten free wedding :)

  5. I talked to Hershey on the phone yesterday and their explanation was that because the non-gluten candy bars come in the same bag as the gluten containing (krackle and mr. Goodbar) they get cross contaminated because they are wrapped in a simple folded piece of foil a opposed to a sealed wrapper....
  6. Going through it again, just sick enough to KNOW I've gotten glutened somehow. The only thing I've had that's different is the Hershey's special dark miniatures. I read the bag and thought they were ok but now I'm reading online on many different sites that neither the special dark or any of the...
  7. Owning a salon, the shampoo thing has been an issue for me too. I just can't seem to wash my hair without the shampoo running down my face no matter how hard I try. I know how damaging store brand shampoos are to hair ESPECIALLY if you get your hair colored or highlighted. Paul Mitchell is by no...
  8. There is really no difference between low gluten & lots of gluten... If you're going to poison yourself it really doesn't matter how much poison you take! BevMo has some great gluten free beers, I think my favorite so far is Red Sail.