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  1. A little background, I cannot tolerate artifical sweeteners like those in diet drinks and candies. They upset my stomach...
  2. Does anyone have experience with the 365 Everyday Value essential oils from Whole Foods? I purchased the 100% pure peppermint...
  3. I am trying to figure out what I got glutened from and I'm very confused about this product. I looked online and the...
  4. AngieJoy did you have any luck finding gluten free or certified gluten free Epsom salts? I'm extremely sensitive to cross...
  5. livelifelarge24

    Nature's Domain Dog Food Ok?

    Thank you cyclinglady. My dog doesn't do well with grains anyway either so it works out. I have been giving her my leftover...
  6. livelifelarge24

    Nature's Domain Dog Food Ok?

    Maybe we have different levels of sensitivity, I have gotten incredibly sick from pet treats and chewable pet antibiotics...
  7. Does anybody have experience with Kirkland's natures domain dog food? Particularly the yellow bag of beef and sweet potato...
  8. livelifelarge24

    Trouble With Aleve?

    Oh god no I never eat out! Ever. I pack all my food ahead of time and take it all in an ice chest. My boyfriend stays...
  9. Does anyone here have trouble with Aleve? I know that there are no gluten ingredients in the caplets but the company...
  10. While not EVERYONE reacts to oats a lot of us do and most doctors and reputable celiac websites will tell you to stay...
  11. The product also contains Barley - obviously Nerium is NOT gluten free. This is the day cream I'm talking about, not...
  12. livelifelarge24

    Needing Help From Anyone With Corn Problems :(

    Bartfull the main question I have I think is what is really the difference between corn syrup and high fructose corn...
  13. I will for sure although I already know in my heart the answer. From what I'm reading about the company online today...
  14. livelifelarge24

    Needing Help From Anyone With Corn Problems :(

    That is what I will switch to until I can figure out a solution.
  15. livelifelarge24

    Needing Help From Anyone With Corn Problems :(

    That's where I'm at too! It's very hard for me to keep weight on.