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  1. I know this is probably WAY too late to help you, but we just planned our trip, and when I emailed the condos we're staying at, this is the response I got. Hope it helps anyone looking! From Michael Ramey, the Executive Chef at SeaPines...
  2. Going to Nashville in July for a Henry Rollins show. I want to have a nice dinner beforehand, but I do NOT want to have to dress to the nines to eat Can anyone recommend a good Celiac-friendly restaurant downtown near the main strip ...
  3. Thank you all *so* much for the replies! It's good to know I'm not totally crazy, and that other people have experienced this, too. So...next question...anyone have a good, simple recipe for pizza sauce?
  4. I realized after a few tries that eating pasta sauce (several different brands, all gluten-free) causes massive stomach upset for me, as do canned tomatoes. However...I can eat salsa and even raw tomatoes without a single problem. I...
  5. rueyn

    Trauma Trigger

    Same for me. Anemia during pregnancy, then hypothyroid and severe gluten intolerance after I gave birth.
  6. Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know how it works for you! It sounds like you and I have similar reactions to gluten, and I'd been thinking since I "only" have gluten intolerance I could use it to eat gluten once in awhile...
  7. Do you know if it's helped in a specific case of cross-contamination? If so, do you normally just get stomachache-type symptoms with CC or do you also get neurological? Did it just "ease" your symptoms, or did it keep you from getting...
  8. Yes, I'm specifically talking about GlutenEase and/or Peptizyde
  9. I tested negative (blood and gene) for Celiac, but I definitely have gluten intolerance. I've been gluten free for a year now and am doing 100% better. I've been seeing and hearing about gluten enzymes, and I know they can't be used in...
  10. What was your experience?
  11. One more idea for you. After going gluten-free I found out that cheese...yes, CHEESE...gives me insomnia. I have no idea why, and I can't find any literature on it, but if I eat cheese I don't sleep. Best of luck figuring your stuff...
  12. Wrote the company today and received this response: Just FYI
  13. rueyn

    Dry Skin And Hair Loss

    *Definitely* get your thyroid checked. It could be a vitamin deficiency, but it sounds more thyroid-related to me.
  14. Just wanted to ask - are you only eating gluten by itself when you're getting sick (i.e. a plain piece of bread), or are you seeing links to things like pizzas, pasta, etc.? The reason I ask is that after going gluten-free I still had problems...
  15. Just wanted to offer a possibility for you to look into... Small intestine bacterial infections (SIBO). My husband has had this before (once was from a stomach flu and once was from taking a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection...